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The Zombie Hunter

rated 2.77 / 5 stars
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Jul 22, 2005 | 6:42 AM EDT

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Up Down Left Right and The Mouse are your attacks and movements....



Rated 0 / 5 stars

not alot of sound efects

i did not really like it becuse all there was was music if you shot your gun there wasent any sound get sound and maybe ill give you a higher score


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

bullshit hard.

the game is just horrible and it's too hard. now I know that games are challenging, but why the fuck are there so many zombies in the first level (if there are levels) and getting killed without being physically touched by a zombie? and after you die you just get a black screen. how come the only why to restart the game is to leave and start it all over again from the loading screen? the gun you get fires too slow for a semi-auto pistol, and I'm pretty sure it's meant to be semi-automatic. I really don't know rather there are any upgrades or actually any levels cause I die too early in the game. and trust me, you do get killed without being literally touched by a zombie. the zombie A.I is kind of dumb, they don't seem to go after you which I'm pretty sure they are supposed to. you can actually go from one area to another and still see the same zombie going in the same direction rather than facing your way. there are some good sides to the game though, like the graphics and the sound. however when it comes to the sound I kind of wish there was more done like you would hear the zombies moaning.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very Good, Extremely Hard

I have now completed all three of your The Zombie Hunter games (this one, The second, and prequel), and let tell me tell you by far this is one of the hardest games I have played and I feel a great deal satisfaction for completing it. I must say this was great challenge. (A tip for challengers of this game is on the first batch of zombies is to work your self to the bottom right, and then from there work your self to the bottom left. Now the zombies should dissapear. Then the boss will appear, which is a a zombie behemoth with a giant eye. He will pretty much fly around and his zombie cohorts will flood the screen, so you can imagine this a quite a quagmire. However there is a strategy to defeat him. Like every boss he has a weakness and this is his attack formation. He will spin around and for his first attack pretty much control the top half of the screen. So stay on the bottom half. He then will proceed with his sceond attack which is to go around the screen , but he will go over the top right of the screen so go there. He then will come around so go to the bottom right of the barrier/screen. Then he will fo his regular first attack formation, which was previously stated. He will do the second attack formation, but this time hug the bottom left of the screen, because his (no gender offense meant, because I do not know what gender this entity is, so I decided just for the sake of the purpose to call the creature a "he") zombie cohorts will block the other way. Now do what I call a loop-de-loop which is when he comes around the screen you go from the left to the left agin via an arc, because he will go around the screen twice. His zombie cohorts "magically" dissapear so you will fight him one on one for a while when the zombie cohorts come back again "sigh" Keep up with part one part one and part two of the strategy, and he will disentegrate, and it will say PHASE 1 COMPLETE, which means you beat this immensly difficult game, and then you will see the special thanks that the author gives, which if I might add look glitched. So you can pat your self on the back because not only do you die in one hit, but zombies are all around you and then you have a boss that flies around you which not only do you have to dodge but also his zombie cohorts.) Again I must thank you and give you Kudos for giving me this very challenging game Nathan Sizemore.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


dude, this was a pretty good game, but the zombies came a little too fast, and to the guy who reviewed this before me: the barrier is there to keep you from moving around too much.


Rated 4 / 5 stars


Why do you have a barrier if the zombies just walk right through it?

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