all my naked cam-girls!

July 20, 2001 –
December 22, 2010
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yhea! this is a tribute to all my favourites cam girls! naked or not!
this is not porno... it's just a funny softcore...


This is good but, you should make a video of them stripping.

Its just a bunch of .gifs, but its decent. Definately neeeds some better presentation though...

it is what it is

good stuff good stuff
love chix on cam!



this rocks

where do u find all the candies?

i completely agree with redflames on this one leave the hardcore porn for the sites. but.... i believe hentai is an ecception b/c it is not real

rofl lolololololol it funny

weird and boring..sorry buttttttt.....

i liked it alot but not the best iv seen

that was hardcore porn with ass n pussy this should have been whistled

Not the best submission I've viewed on the website. A little more action would've been nice. That's all I have to say.

most of the girls in there are pale and fat thats discusting

..make more nothing else to say...

Well, this was gross. This is kind of prono, actually. The muisc was pretty much the only relatively good thing in this flash. It was just a bunch of women, pretty much. Gross. Try making mroe foa flash next time! Also, what were the arrows in the various parts of teh movie for?


...and again you sell out. Sure, many of a 12-year olds on this site will love this, but in reality it's not really a flash at all. It's basically a bunch of movie clips (a lot of them actualy) assorted for all the pervert's viewing pleasures. Even as a flash there wasn't much going on. I mean, the music was cool that went along with it, but that's about the only good thing I can say.

I'm just gonna say its good because im sure if those are your "Cam Girls" one of them will kill you for it..

SWEET! Make more that was awesome!

Is that stolen..? And by the way, quit bein' a pimp man... I'm dark, I'm very strict with crappy submissions.

what i said eatly just sums it up

that kicked ass, but it would be better in the graphics if it had larger sized pictuers and not like 2or 3 frames for each

That was disgusting i was drunk and didnt even kno i clicked in this game i lost my appetite to eat now.

damn u are one guy with some sentence!

This is kinda cool really! funny as welL!
I thought it was neat how you meant to look at the pictures in a different way then you normally would.
Strange, but neat!

ALL RIGHT - Quagmire

It also seems like a work of art. Seeing on how you're meant to look at the pictures in a different way then you normally would. Very thought provoking. Nice job.

Nice music there.

plz make more i loved it

great music man make more accept make the little clips a little longer plz!haha it was good though!

Pretty good but nothing special.

awesome movie

great job with the girls man. please make another one .the music was awsome. keep it up!!

it's watchable though

I'm dead

Great Job I mean I am tryin to play and review all of the movies and games I can and when I came to yours and clicked watch I was thinkin o great bad porn music but it is great good graphics keep up the good work you should make a game like this i am more of a game person myself but this was good

nice dawg

i loved it, those girls are great

The sound was annoyin, but the flash rocked, i wont say no to chix =) Good work, :o)

Weird, but cool; this really isn't porn but pretty close.

gals are good sound funny

I know it's not suppose to be, but the songs this guy or gal picked were really funny, I'm sure the girls are very happy strangers are watching them naked.

hey i like wat u have done in this flash its cool well keep up the good work!

Um...a good laugh, but it's really NOT porn like you said...

That made me horny and laugh at the same time!!! make another one!

o man i couldnt even go get the lotion in the middle of this i fuckin prematurely popped a load on my screen

yo whats the background music on the verotika page? keep up the good work

See above. ^^^^

wtf is this?

good but need more girls! but still very good!!)


This is to the last review. From all the things i seen on this website i dont think this website is ment for kids. So get used to it if ur going to do things on this website.

that was pretty....................well whatever it was i liked it

that was beautiful

Good job. Make more pussy movies.

not bad

you got my respect, good job

..God why did you make these kind of people?

u should add more women if u have some and get the graphiques better

very nice

The title says it all, i mean: first of all the graphics need to be fixed they suck. this really isn't bad but it still kinda doe sneed some work witht he graphics

I liked that a lot, put some more girls on!

just plain shit


Man that was awsome try o get more girls on there

Very nice tribute to all the ladies...loving the boob shots. Tastefully done, funny softcore, very masturbation-worthy! Keep it up, man!



whats was once in my pants is now in my hands^^whats was once in my pants is now in my hands^^whats was once in my pants is now in my hands^^whats was once in my pants is now in my hands^^whats was once in my pants is now in my hands^^

hey security guard, i thought these weren't supposed to be excessively pornographic by the rules... oh well. i loved it.

me like porn!!

ok my mums gone good movie,

just kidding my mum doesn't control my life heh heh heh heh oh no i've said too much!!!!! i must no kill my self *bang* shit what the fuck is a bang sound gonna do... oh screw it its tooo much work (fat mans moto)

fuck me ladies!

all my 5 r belong to you

I love the cam at the end the upclose of the pussy thats a fucking masterpiece YOU NEED TO MAKE MORE.

Ignore what other people say.....I think this is awesome! Keep it up and hey........Submit more cam girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

very nice.

Huh Spare boobs! HUH! not HUH?

u hav some fine arsed women. make more

this was good! make more like this, jus dont make the pictures going by so fast, show more tits, pussy, ass, and 2 gurls going at it and make the pictures bigger!
it was good!!

number 3 and 4 under the cannies section were some cuties.

FUCK that verotika girl is fucking fine

i prefer photos and not this kind of little movies. however i liked it.

this was great. i like it very much. just sitting here jerking off watching elena and heather do stuff. it was great

(gives golf clap) Gotta love this. Put toghter great. who says webcams are bad?

Nicely done my friend, nicely done.

I me cam girls, me masterbated to me, hehe, i want to cum on them plz. LOL!!!111


nice! I liked the music but I loved the graphics!

Nice job, I hope with you havein' all those girls arround your gettin' some action istead of just tapein' em with your camera.

This was a fantastic concept. I am really impressed.

Nice stuff man hehe

The continuous music during the loading sequence is REALLY annoying - found it hard to get over the repeation. Other than that, it's an okay gallery for people who like that sort of thing - bonus points to you for including credits to the webcam owners.

Heatherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! !!!!!!!!

very interesting and desitful

well done that was cool

I like

That was good, but the pictures were a little fast.


I thought it was a pretty good little gallery.

Yay. You know, all those low-quality dithered thumbnail-sized pictures can rot your brain.

And you even gave credit to their cam sites!!!
Awsome attention to details!!!

Nudity, mature content, not for prudes! Great for everyone else.

Try making another one.

I waited about 15 min for that crap. What were you smoking when you made that. It SUCKED!

one of the best movies i've seen on here in a long time. all the tits go way too fast though, give a thought to sortin that out!

that was good but why the hell did u make the tits go so fast??? they should have been nice and slow! now thats the sort of stuff i wanna see!!!

That was entertaining!!yeah boyyyy!


They were all hotties,I'd fuck them good.

i dont get y u went 2 fast throught the best boobs wierd the rest wuz good tho


Well, maybe this will finally stop those "Vote 5 For Porno" movies, even though this isn't really porno... personally I don't see the point, but the music RULED! That was easily the best part, since the loops of popular riffs were really well done.

sweet gugamuga

This is so fucking awsome I've been watch them end now I finally saw them naked.

except if thats what you want to see then just get a girlfriend and leave the porn alone.

it had some funny parts but i wouldn't watch it twice.


eh.. this wasn't really what I was in to.

hey email me if you can help me i am working on flash but cant get it to work nice stuff keep it going

hey make it a little bigger next time

great job!!!!

im glad to see someone with good taste

pretty cool.

I admit that was well done but not well-done enough to get a 10. If you vote 10 your obviously some 10 year old too scared to go look up real porn.

PriKedELiK movies all have this certain style. Simple yet totally mind blowing. I have watched almost all his movies many have been in the top 50. I love the music that goes with the animation its great! (especially the song in the spare boobs section!) Also check his profile and ban RTFLASH!!! AHAHAH!

HEY SEND ME THE MUSIC THAT YOU USED ON THE TITLE SCREEN WHERE YOU PICKED THE CHIC...not the file....THE NAME...hinarfed@hotmail.com... .send virus's too, i only use that mail for my porn........uhmmm..and shit junkmail etc.....rtflash? FUCK YOU

You rock! Your really posting porn unlike saying to vote 5 for it! Your the best!

those were some fine ass women thank u so god damn much for posting this the only thing thats better than hot woman is well...having sex with one.

If you don't like this movie, then you are 1) gay, homosexual, fag, queer, etc. 2) female that doesn't like seeing other females in *happy* positions or 3) some uptight guy that hates the world + women because he's a geek and can't get any sex... this movie not only featured great looking cam-girls in *happy* positions, but the music went along great and most of the time even went along with the movements of the girls... best movie, why isn't this at No. 1 ?!?!


Hah, I bet all these "10"s are just because they have "hot girls". Bah. This is lifeless. Arr.

yeah the girls are hot and im not gay or anything, but ng isnt a porn site. i hate it when these people try to do somthing in flash and it sucks ang gets voted off, so they make a movie like this whith none of their own animation, sound ect, and gets a good ratting. ANYONE can make this shit in about an hour.

THAT WAS TIGHT!!!!!.. I got 2 words 4 ya.. MAKE MORE!!!



good job..props to you.

that was prity bitchen make more


2 words.....MAKE MORE

I don't think my mother would aprove.

This is called porn. No effort. Even a child at the age of six can make this movie. You need some X'es. Sorry but I will have a look at your other movies. Hope there's one with value. make sth original.

Do you even know what that means? Or are you too busy looking at these slutty voyeur cams to know shit? Geez. Why not just put up a bunch of boob pics. It's one thing if you show them making funny faces...but it's just T&A. The girls that do that on a webcam are just plain sluts and will end up in porno. What they need is to be ignored. Maybe then they'll realize what a stupid (and dangerous) thing they're doing.

I thought it was good,except it was more of an promo for other cam sites. And it worked
. I went a checked out veronica and elena


listen to the song.. shut the fuck up... let the man do his thing.. hell it really wasn't that bad.. at least not as bad as some of the sorry shit i see out there

whoever's responsible.. 47 or more chromosomes.. bad bad bad.. gimp bizkit first off.. terrible.. that's the icon of low class ignoramuses cruising down the street where all the rednecks go on friday night.Second off what the fuck kind of human being would actually be finding these girls.. pornography is ok... going and watching some chick on the internet enough for them to become a favorite of yours is bad.. you have TOO many favorite camera girls not to watch it alot. Third I agree with arrogancy this will be the downfall of everything holy and sacred about this site.. I even think assassin is reaching some low points.I would like to propose that we just simply let stupid people like this plug their flash movies on the site.. we find them kill them and take their movies/computers and set them aflame.. mass genocide

If there was EVER a statement into the reason why this site sucks, THIS is it. I look at the top 5 of today, and see a "flash movie" (and I use that term loosely) of someone's "favorite camgirls." It's bad enough that all the "movie" is is a bunch of pictures, but the worst part could be the fact that his favorite camgirls are some of the ugliest, nastiest ones (Verotika?!).

This site is a great ideas, and showcases some good every once in a while - but Tom has attracted the lowest common denominator and THEY are who rule the site. A sad statement on the state of the Internet.

well nice music , but theres no point in sitting and watching tose webcam pics , try to make some ideas for your next flash , so it willl be better, it was kinda worthless..

Holy shit did that ever sucked ass!!!!!
Like someone spends a bit too much time on his fucking balls.....
You just put a whole bunch of webcam pics that you probably watched everyday and added it to some shity music!!!!!
I've seen your prev. movies and they kicked ass but this is just sucked.....
Add some work and i know you could do better tho....

Ur idea is kinda kewl, and some pics r hilarious, but u need some violence. anyways kewl sound!!

you lazy so and so Do some work and I will be glad to review it.. capturing cam shots is not making a film.. go get a job parking cars.. thats where your talent lies..

soooooo true, Seawana

A bunch of webcam captures set to music. I find it hard to see the humor in this. It is definitely softcore porno.

I wonder why someone doesn't do a tribute to camgirls without a bunch of naked flesh in it. Personally I think it would be sexier to conceal than to reveal, but I'm sure the flesh will get a higher rating hands down with this audience.

Dude, what is your problem, Yeah there is a bit of porno in newgrounds, but this is silly! Send this to a porno site, you'll get better ratings.

I know this is going to make me sound like an asshole, but I liked it. Its strange and funny and nicely human. I do wonder about the guy who made it (dude, how time do you spend looking at these cam things anyway?) and also about the admittedly mostly cute but ultimately bizarre girls who do this... whatever floats your boat I guess... its all harmless and in good fun I suppose but I still think its a bit weird. Whatever. Good choice of sound clips too.

on the nudity for this entry. I mean, that is all it was. Course, Newgrounds readers being the way they are this will probably make it to the Top 50..... sick.

first of all, you're one sick fuck. but it did have a nice layout and i have to give you credit for that, i suppose.

It seems to me that this porn freak had a little bit to much free time to come up with a unless movie like this. I reccomend not even watching it unless your a 6th grader looking to get off on something free.

..................it just.....sucked.

its pretty cool, kinda pathetic to actually make something like this but ok.

hey man, great movie!! ass,tits,pussy, this has it all!! why did you say that it has no porno, because it sure does and it's sweet!!!


hahahah some people shouldnt have cams hehehe you get extra humor points for some of those clips, its like porn with a plot one second some chicks clipping her toe nails casually then suddenly boom just walkin round naked hahahah, like the flashing text, nice and organized, im not giving points for nudity, i just think it was put together pretty nice for a picture galery. good job.

No one over 13(guy who reviewed before me) Would even consier this worth watching, unless they were shot of jerk it material and still a virgin

this should be added to the top 50

this kicks ass!! please submit as much as you can.

if I wernt getting a blowjob as I were watchin this I prolly would of gottin a stock off that any way.


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