TehKar - Oral Sex Sim Ep2

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1 - Please write full reviews
2 - Please do not judge based on sexual tastes alone
3 - Not Work Safe!
4 - Enjoy! I hope you have a great time with this flash project of mine ^_^


Oral Sex Sim Ep. 2 Review

Graphics(4) - This is the area where OSS needs most work, the graphics were alright but I think if you spent a little more time, it work make this game a little more approachable.

Story(9) - The story was great, deeper then most hentai games. It was kinda of nice, which set this apart from other games.

Playability(9) - The game's controls were pretty simplistic if you read the instructions on the menu. Which surprised me because it seemed like a game whose controls would be somewhat complicated, so nicely done.

Overall(9) - While the graphics suffered in this, the story and simplicity(not to mention the intriguing gameplay) more then well made up for it. I think if the graphics were greatly improved, this game would easily be a 10.

Great game, I praise this highly and can't wait for the next episode in the installment.

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have played lots of your games

I enjoy them lots think your doing a good job

ok 7/10

I think the 1 fail thing is terrible Iv played lots of games and replay many of them this one was kind of disappointing but i did like the story and it was quite a enjoyable game overall

Utter Shit

Give the game "Super Deep Throat" (Here on NG) a look, Then all of you who like this game will change your mind. Another game thats almost as good as that one but WAY better than this one is "Glory Hole Hentai RPG" (Also on NG) I give you a 1 for the effort, flash isn't easy.


you made them cum blue water?

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3.81 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2005
6:21 PM EDT
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