TehKar - Oral Sex Sim Ep2

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1 - Please write full reviews
2 - Please do not judge based on sexual tastes alone
3 - Not Work Safe!
4 - Enjoy! I hope you have a great time with this flash project of mine ^_^


I love your work

Tehkar, I just wanted to let you know...I think your a godess! Great games I suppose I find them soo interesting seeing that im a nempho hahaha! oh well I love everything you do on newgrounds! hey do you have any more coming out soon, or possibly a fan site..woohooo I said fan..Im a fan lol neways...best of luck with everything and ps I gave you a 5!

where did you get that music from

where did you get that music from.
I feel ive heard it somwere before

Tehkar responds:

There are about four flash artists from the audio portal whos music I used in this animation. The songs are linked on the left of the NG animation profile for this flash.

I reasd the instructions, and played the game

Still, I don't understand how to play, and I made a dude bust a nut, but it wasent good enough... wierd

Original and a improvment from the first!

I was really impressed when I played this. Its most certainly a orginal Flash here. Its fun, if not a bit quirky.
The music was good, not to hard or repetative.
The graphics are leaps and bounds ahead of the first version, though I think more time could of gone into the girls to give them a slightly more 'cute' look, at least for sora.
I've played through several times trying different things, I still can't beat the level where you can't deep throat.

A few things for the next game. Maybe a password section or some cheat codes for when you just need to beat the game after so many tries. As others have said a different climax for a full pleasure by interesting as would a hand feature, though this be a far different interface if it existed.
Maybe there could be a level of girl on girl to change things up? I noted in your seduction games you have a fondness for it.

Overall very good, I expect to see this added to the adult collection. Keep up the work i'll be watch you. ^.^-

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pretty good game

I never have beat it... Ive only ever got to the weird guy with the black and yellow... o well, good game

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3.81 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2005
6:21 PM EDT
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