ATTN StrangeClock

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wow glocks are gay


A true masterpiece. Work of art.

I bought ATTN StrangeClock a week ago, but I have seen it 4 times already. Picture & sound quality are perfect! If you have a good sound system, turn it up and you will feel like you truly are in the GlockGroup ! The PenorGlock" is excellent, and made an amazing metaphor for a penis inserting itself into the unloved StrangeClock and raping it until dead, the metaphor being the penis replaced by a penis with a glock drawn on it. The introduction to box-sex was amazing, and changed my life, and fetish, for years to come, since a week ago. There is no multi-angle view on the DVD, but the movie itself is full of mult-angle views anyway. Unfortunately nobody can be told how good the ATTN StrangeClock DVD is, you have to see it for yourself !

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that kinda hurt

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This will go down as one of the Glock Group's finest works ever. Truly a classic in every way.


This was a great flash don't pay any mind to WaR_LoCk_111 he wouldn't even know how to animate a stick figure flash.. Wish I could join yall

Pretty good.

Yeah, StrangeClock's anti-Glock movie was kinda annoying. Nice. Even though I am a Clockfan.

To Josekilla07: You are a moron, aren't you. A collab is, as the name suggests a COLLABORATION of multiple flash artists. Many of the newer flash movies, such as the Pirate Collab, and N1int3ndoh! or however you spell is are collabs.

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2.07 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2005
7:10 PM EDT
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