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Lo Wang Meets Sailor Moon

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Author Comments

There's a secret area on the 18th level of Shadow Warrior where Sailor Moon can be found. I reenacted this meeting between her and Lo Wang by piecing together the recorded dialog from the game.

Again, subtitles are availible in English, German, and Japanese.

For an additional laugh, look for the Easter Egg.
Background History about this project:

Remember Duke Nukem 3D from 3D Realms? Not only was it a great game, but it was also one of the first games ever to ship with most of the original development tools, allowing users to alter nearly every aspect of the game. A year or two later, 3D Realms released Shadow Warrior, which instantly became another favourite.

I decided to combine the two games into one, which I called "Lo Wang 3D," a Shadow Warrior version of Duke3D. One of the modifications I made was to the ending cutscene of the Shrapnel City episode, which was Duke's infamous "a few days of R&R" speech. I replaced the original single-frame video with a MUCH simpler animation of the video featured on this webpage, and the Duke & Lani voice recordings with the Wang & Sailor Moon ones from Shadow Warrior. You could say it was an ironic reversal of Duke's original "R&R Action" ending. If you've been comtemplating what the point of this short film is, THAT would be it.

When I first got my hands on some simple AVI authoring software, I first experimented by converting Duke3D's cutscenes to AVI, and eventually, the "Lo Wang meets Sailor Moon" scene. To my simple animation I added the exterier shots, the "hungry" line, and the credits scene. And that was that.

Come Summer 2005, I downloaded the Flash Studio trial so that I could more easily animate "Duke Burger" (an idea which I clearly kept shelved too long since too few of today's 3-D Generation appreciated my ancient 2-D pedestrian sprites from Carmageddon). With the remaining time of my trial period, I thought that recreating "Lo Wang Meets Sailor Moon" in Flash would be good practice, which I feel has indeed instilled within me a good fundamental understanding of the design of Flash. I'll eventually buy a Flash kit when I find enough time to make the price worthwhile, and I will make some Flash a LOT better than this one.

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Agreed, shadowmefisto. JUST AGREED. But this is random, I DONT even know what game Lo Wang is from..

Who? What? When? don't care :P

i don't know who the heck Lo Wang is,but i'm a huge Sailor Moon fan and i loved this!

This was epic!

Man, I really miss the year 1996... it was the year when I first became aquainted with both Duke Nukem on the PC and with Sailor Moon on the TV.
And this Flash actually combined the Duke engine with the anime... Brilliant!

And it was actually funny. You actually had me thinking that Lo Wang would go on a quest to search for Sailor Moon's mother to have a discussion with her. ROFL.

Salor moon in shadow warrior...SWEET

Dude i played this game and I never seen that, I have seen random anime in it tho. I'll have to check it out sometime

Wally-Waffles responds:

Ancient Chinese secret.

Sailor Moon's my favorite anime

(In case you're wondering, Rini is a Sailor Moon character.)

Wally-Waffles responds:

There's a C.U.R.E. for Chibiusa (aka "Rini"):
http://www.darkkingdom.com/cu re/

Credits & Info

3.25 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2005
6:47 PM EDT