Good Day-Bad Day

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Alright, I have improved a lot since I have last been here. Here is my newest cartoon, where you can pick the outcome of my character's day. I also got my website up, http://www.moptopmedia.com, so check it out. Criticism would be great.



Just add a point of view toward life... I can't decide what to wish you now... Then I'll live you all choose what day you want... Your movie has an amazing motto... Just come to think of what you decide... Great! Really!

good but predictable?

i liked it i chose good day first and after that bad day but it was the same thing jsut in reverse so somewhat predictable i guess try mixing it up a lil i liked the car

Prospect1717 responds:

Well I had so many more events to take place written down on paper, but I had to rush to get it finished, so more cartoons with these types of characters are definitely coming soon.

((( AWESOME )))

Awesome interactive movie you have here, i like the way you can choose how the story goes, and the art, and animations in this are really nice. The stories are nice, and i like how each one goes. The music was nice, and sounded good with the animation. Your style was the best thing in this animation, and i hope to see more of these soon...


Prospect1717 responds:

Sweet, I'm glad you liked it.

Good, but dragged on.

I liked it, but it just seemed to drag on. Nice animation, and graphics though. I gave it a 3/5, overall I'm glad I watched it.
"Promotion now!"
"Woooooo!" XD
If it had had actual voices it would have been a bit funnier.

Prospect1717 responds:

Most of the characters are from a comic I used to draw, but now I want to put them into Flash, and this is the first cartoon where I have done that. I plan on making more cartoons with an actual plot and more humor with the animal type characters, so look for it in the future.

not a game

i dont know why this is submissioned as a game when it is clearly a two-sided flash! and wats with a cow working in the hospital?? wat could it do except save new-mums the trouble of breast-feeding their baby's? ohhhwell so amny flashes dont make sence anymore ive given up almost all hope of seeing a good one. unless a clearry good flash artist releases a sequal. but i know that one day that will be you!! lol

Prospect1717 responds:

Hehe, that's a donkey, but with horns. Actually I have no idea what kind of animal he is, so I just call him a donkey. Is there anyway I can switch the flash type from game/interactive movie to just movie? Or do I have to re-submit it? Someone?

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3.27 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2005
2:42 PM EDT
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