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Monster In The Mansion

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Author Comments

"A scientist spends all of his time fixing creatures, but has no time for the one he already made."

Hi Newgrounds, I'm Lokken's new cartoon, I spent my last year getting looked at by strange people all across America. Now he wants to torture me some more. You may need to change me to medium quality.

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Needs better plot...

Plot needs more depth... it feels like a wading pool. Style is too much like Squigglevision technique, you really need to develop a better style... or find a better one to copy.


Lol the kid on the bike was funny when he got hit... so was the guy doing yardwork.. it was pretty good overall but the sounds could have been better and you could have probably like... killed sombody with the rocks :P

I really enjoyed it.

I like the style, the frame by frame animating, and the concept and storyline...

but the voice acting was so uninspired, it really detracted from the movie.

Other than that? Great. Only a 4 for me.

Not bad... in fact, I liked it!

It was a little hard to understand but unless their is some greater plot point that Im not aware of it was simply about a monster who thought he was created for no reason, and thought that his creator hated him but he realised that his creator truly did care about him.

I thought it was humorous but not necessarily because of the storyline. I like how the monster threw rocks at the man. And he sprayed the kid on the bike, and then later when the flower hit the man he was holding *those giant scissor things you use for trimming hedges, cant recall their name* and although you knew what came next it didnt show him stabbing the kid to death. lol Hope that makes sense.

Anyways, I gave it a 7. It was pretty cool, not one of my faves. Ive seen better and worse. I liked the artstyle, and you had some cool humor ideas. Id like to see some more of that humor in future flashes from you.

Hmmm, kind of boring

It wasn't bad at all but it was a little boring. I understand fully it wasn't ment to be funny or at least not LOL funny and I also udnerstand it wasn't ment to be action but it was a little slow. Maybe it's just me. But I'll try not to be bias. Good job anyway.

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Credits & Info

3.81 / 5.00

Jul 19, 2005
11:40 PM EDT