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No Need for Bushido 2

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*update* Wow, daily 3rd! Thank you! And thanks to all the nice reviews! :)

Might want to watch #1 first... actually.. yes, do that.
My second flash movie! Sound is still off, but fortunately someone directed me to a beter sound editing program, so the next one should be better in that area.
Hope you enjoy!

Oh, and any advice is always appreciated!

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Also good, but a bit light on content

I just watched the first and second episodes. I was kinda expeting more out of this one, but it was still very good. Hope you will do more of them.

A boogf sequel. Yes. Boogf.

Ah, that "Jagged cliffs" line always cracks me up. Not to mention the uber-long and tedious attack thing. I cried, I laughed! Well, I didn't cry. I laughed a bit. Nothing too audible.

And it's left at a cliffhanger! So to speak. In actuality, more of a cliff fall off-er


yo! that was tyte, i liked that 1.........


i already enjoyed the first movie(though the sound was kinda crappy) and this one was pretty nice too... but i would still like to have some faces nonetheless...i know you wanna keep it that way...but faces give you so much more opprotunities...
btw...i like you humor (dead bandit*duh*) but the runaway joke? man that was really obvious...even i saw it coming (and i consider myself pretty slow...but on the other hand maybe i watched too much anime)...anyways good work...keep it up...

ps-maybe i should read your comic as well....


Now Joe, remember that sanity is over rated. I was born with a lack of standard sanity... and despite my perverse nature, I conceder myself a fairly disgruntled addition to society.
Praise where praise is due... and all my praise are belong to you.

No-Need-for-Bushido responds:

My first rhyming review on newgrounds, and from a demigod, no less! Thank you!