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NGP: P.O Bubbles Teaser

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Author Comments

Update: Bubbles has a new look, check it out!

Taking a break from the NG parodies series... this is the newest flash I am working on... and it stars of course your favorite NGP bunny...Bubbles in "NPG: Pissed Off Bunny". Even though this is not a true parody, it still going to stab at curtain subjects. Like before I'll add your ideas if you give me some with your credit for it... but I'm hoping to make this a long one again like NGP 3... anyways enjoy!

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I... need... the... real... one!

Man, your flash vid's always rox! They leave me thinking why im still watching noob vid's and not blamming them =P
Oh, and thx for killing the stick man in NGP 3, however i meant that annonying stickman that danced in the "numa numa dance videos" and after that appeared several times during your other flashes, i just wanted to see him dying 'cause he was dancing numa numa!
Oh, i just wanted to say Thank You because you always make me laugh.
Oh, and i hate those damn clocks too!

Complete Rockage

It will be very good to see the Bunny slaughtering noobs. People should stop submitting 3 frame long flashes, im scoring way too many BLAM points. Noobs should make it harder to score BLAM points. I'll look forward to seeing this new flash.


Finally, a bunny that will get the job done. It's about time someone did something.


You are really good at voice acting. Graphics could have been a little bit better. But this was really entertaining. "well mister bubbles.. what's making you mad?" haha. That monster bunny was drawn well. It's always good to show different perspectives of characters every now and then. You did very well though. You have some potential because you have great voice acting skills. Nice background music too.

Shouldn't this be better than the ones it mocks?

I'm not going to make fun of your Flash this time, because it doesn't seem to be helping any. So instead, I'm just going to give you totally serious, non-sarcastic advice. Go to your local library. Ask a librarian how to access the library catolog. It's on computer, trust me, it's as easy as using any other serch engine. You want to search for the string "HOW TO DRAW." Just go ahead and look up any one of those books, they should all be grouped together in the same spot in the nonfiction section. Just start leafing through all of them until you find one that shows you how to draw a cartoon rabbit. Check that book out, and take it home. Read it. Practice. Learn from it. What? You don't like how they draw rabbits? You'd rather draw it your won way? Oh, that's fine! That's fine. But since you clearly can't draw, why not learn how to do it their way first, and then modify that procedure until you're drawing what Bubbles looks like in your mind's eye? I know damn well that's how you laerned to draw trees. You can learn how to animate the same way. Heck, even big animation studios like Di$ney and WB, when they make a new cartoon, and let's say this one's about like, a lobster, the first damn thing they do is examine every other piece of animated footage about lobsters they can get their hands on. That's really the only way the human brain can learn, is through emulation. Now, you can keep emulating the crappy Flashes that you're making fun of, the mediocre ones that were barely a minimal effort, floating in the black between "tomorrow's top 20" and "blammed," OR you can start emulating professional animation.

Instead of parodying the worst stuff on Newgrounds, try imitating the best stuff on Newgrounds! Your entire parodies series would be MUCH more scathing if there were a visible difference between the footage of crappy flashes and the scenes you made up yourself. And even though you may not feel like trying any harder than you already do, I know you could do better than this if you really tried.

It's not that hard. You make a box, you stretch it, you twist it, you makew it curvy. Bang, it's a belly. New layer. Make a box, stretch it, twist it, rotate it, poof, it's an arm. Don't use gradients. But use a color that actually looks like a cartoon rabit color. Make the background match your characters. None of this bright cyan sky. Avoid primary colors altgoether. Heck, use the eyedropper tool to yoink colors from a picture that looks good. They can't copyright pallettes. Hey, you wanna take it one step further? Want to add shadows and really amaze the crap out of everybody? Just draw ONE DAMN LINE across each body part and curve it, and darken the ink color of the lower half. BOOM! Instant 3D! So now it's in all these layers. Select the whole thing, copy, paste it over the the side, and convert it to a symbol. There's your first animation frame. Remove the shadows from the shapes still distributed between layers off to the side, and rearrange them to make the next pose. It seems like a lot of work at first, until you get used to it. Then all of a sudden, you've got a fully animated cartoon rabit that's pulling down 5's, and I shut my mouth and stop heckling you every time you release a movie that's only marginally better than the flashes it's making fun of.

XxShadowMasterxX responds:

just to let you know I didn't any of that...

Credits & Info

3.51 / 5.00

Jul 19, 2005
8:06 PM EDT