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July 18, 2005 –
October 1, 2018
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Author Comments

This is the first episode of my new series called Advanced Doodling. This episode features people watching TV with robots, Sammy Sousa claiming to be black, multiple endings and a secret (it's obvious) in the credits! Have fun and leave reviews!


oh boy...

I seriously didn't know wtf was going on in it but I was laughing anyway. Ahh new shit to rate and review... yay.

appearance 8/10
sound 8/10
humor 10/10

Good job

cool movie

I really liked the voice acting. Graphics were really good. "and i'm black yall" hahah, is that sammy sosa? hahaha, that was so random and funny. This movie is awesome! I did not like the ending in which the person was yelling.. that was annoying. Happy ending just had a rainbow... rofl

<deleted> responds:

It's an honor to be reviewed by Mr. long neck himself! Thanks dude, I like short random stuff too =)


Loved the L J ending....i did lol i did. And Jesus...thankyou for your portrayal of the black rapper, dont get me wrong wrappa fans, some rap/hip hop acts are not talking about how black and bad they are all the time, but its the only kind of music on the planet where the artists need to continually remind us and themselves that they are black and badddd. ooooo tossers! Also if you check out the CD's in any music store you'll see that the majority of cd's from any genre have a cool picture on the front,,,you know...whatever, but the urban/hiphop/rap/RnB sections are just a wash of wannabe faces that are trying to promote their image and style, it has nothing to do with the music. Half the acts i listen to i dont even know what they look like....but i can assure you i know what most of these god dammed brain dumb moron rappers look like , even though i never go about listening to their tripe............ahhhhhh thankyou....good flash though :)

<deleted> responds:

Woah, long review.....cool! The LJ ending just kind of came to me one night while I was trying to get to sleep. As far as the rap thing goes, I'm a fan but I figured that it would be funny either way =)

i'm black yall

i thought it was really funny but why was sammy sosa wearing a cubs uniform? HE PLAYS FOR THE ORIEALS

<deleted> responds:

Yeah, some of my art is really old, but I didn't think that anyone would care because this flash was so silly and random.

Thanks for reviewing bro!


I liked it...it was funny...very original...u should try putting subtitles at the bottom, i enjoyed it though and good job, just make it a bit longer, but i like ur whole idea and i really think that u should make it a series, that's all

<deleted> responds:

Thanks, I wasn't sure if people would respond to a series of random shorts, but I think it's going to work out.

Thanks for the review!


SWEEEET!!!! That was extremly entertaining. I was laughing quite hard when the guy on the tv starts rapping. Very simple, yet very well done!

<deleted> responds:

Awesome, I'm glad you liked it man =)

hella funny

the lerroy jenkins part was hella funny i was laguhin for hella long but the story was kinda werid

<deleted> responds:

Cool, thanks man. I'm glad you had a good laugh!

Not bad - not bad at all.

A solid beginning, with room for growth. Your voice acting seem dampered and monotone, but having Sammy Sousa just say that over and over made up for it. Reminded me of family guy when peter just sucks in air and exhales after hurting his knee for thirty seconds or so. Art was pretty solid too.

Humor was irrerevent, gave me a good chuckle. Just work on that voice acting.

<deleted> responds:

Yeah, I have a very monotone, sort of "Josh Hartnet" kind of voice, not to mention that I'm not a great actor. I'll try to jazz it up next time!

I very nearly blammed this

But you saved yourself only with Leeroy Jenkins . . .

Only reason . . .

Leeroy Jenkins.

<deleted> responds:

Lets do this! XD


I hope you'll make more of these! X)

<deleted> responds:

Me too =)

Thanks for reviewing!

Meh, it was ok.

I love the im black song man thats what turned me away to voting a 1 or 2 but the girl character looked very squished and that didn't appeal to me at all but thats just me. The sound was ok but the endings weren't very good and the 1st ending was annoying the rainbow ending was a cheap excuse for a ending. Also fry looked like a homosexual w/ that dance Thank god for that "Im black song" man 4/5

<deleted> responds:

I'm glad you thought it had some redeming qualities. Yeah, the leeroy jenkins thing is sort of played out, but I still laugh when I watch that vid.

Thanks for the review!


that was good :)

<deleted> responds:

Thank you =)

hey, hey you, ya you.

FUck you, sammy sosa isnt on the cubs anymore dumbass, FUCK YOU, respond to that bitch

<deleted> responds:

He's not black either, whats your point?


it was funny i liked the happy ending lol

<deleted> responds:

Sweet, the endings are very random, I'm glad you liked em'.


that was alright. i dont understand it but i must say that sosa is no longer on the cubs. keep working though. i see good in the future

<deleted> responds:

Yeah, he's not black either, but I thought is was funny.

Thanks for the review =)


nice, just a little short. and the black song was anoying as hell! good job on the animation... just needed more movement.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks for the tip, I'll try and work on that stuff more in the future!


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