The Gonk At 1AM

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Made it tonight, vote fairly and remember the reviewing rules...


great job

great man realy great!!! ya might say my marks are to high... might be according to you but i think it rooooooooocks!!!

hey dude what song is it on the back ground??? i want it!!!

great idea about the guy driving by telling the end =P


EvilBerryClock responds:

The First song is form the Shaun of the dead soundtrack, the song in the credits is called The Gonk

thanks for the friendly review

Is Mr_Artist a good guy now?

I must have missed that memo...

Any who, this ain't a flash for those perjudice against Clocks. Its really just a quick gag flash with a long setup. A loooonnngg setup. Its funney and will take just two minutes of your day. Looks really nice and smoth, always a plus. Go ahead and watch it and then imeditly forget it.

EvilBerryClock responds:

anticlimaxes are fun...


Heh, that was effin' funny, good art too, though they are clocks.. : / . The music fitted very well, and the ending was effin' funny, Good job

EvilBerryClock responds:

thanks, dont fear clocks, we dont bite... apart from dodger, she gets hungry...

I love you

OMFG and the Magic Clock burn is too good! Even if I weren't a clock I would five this hahahahah!


EvilBerryClock responds:

even if I wasn't a clock I'd say thanks


short and to the point

i don't quite really know why but this was great. a quick punch line and that's all that was needed. didn't see it coming! and i can't really stand all the harry potter craze so that helped alot too. awesome. thanks.

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EvilBerryClock responds:

thank you kindly for the review

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3.37 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2005
7:06 PM EDT
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