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Fullhouse Trailer

rated 2.58 / 5 stars
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Jul 18, 2005 | 6:34 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Well guys... I'm thinking about making this into a series with characters and stuff. I just made this so I can show you all and see what you think of the idea and if it's good enough and if you want MORE!
Please give positive feedback, Posibaly any hints or tips would be greatly apreciated!
People have been asking what its about... Well it's just about people fighting by trowing cards at each other. Card throwing is actually taught in the Yakuza!( I think correct me if I'm wrong ) But these cards are special because they have Elements in them for example Wind, Earth and Water... It's just going to be alot of special effects put together with a decent story line! Hopefully... I hope you will enjoy the actual series and I'm hoping to get more than a 3 for it so you will know when it's in the Portal because it will be BIG! =P
Anyway that's it really. Hope you like it... Characters and story lines are being created as we speak!



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Well, the animation is a LITTLE off and the style was kinda weird, people throwing cards at eachother, unless they have powers or something then I think this will be a thriving series, just work on the animation and style and I think it will make a cool series on NG......I'll give you a 3/5


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

your kidding me right!?

Was that the music from Battle Royale?

anyway, first of all, your animation was horbbile, if you call to still picture animation. The idea may not be so bad, but your deffinately not the one to do it. Maybe you could write the scripts but for godsake do us all a favor and get someone else to animate it. Oh, and why did you slap credits on there? I mean, the animation it's self was like 5 seconds, it wasn't CREDITS WORTHY, and then you put credits on there that was three times the length of the movie. Edited by Davor Jakic??????? How could that possibly involve editing? Man, this is totall bullshit, your kidding me right? please tell me this is some kind of joke, if not: DON'T YOU HAVE ANY DIGNITY!?!?!!

Also, By looking at your other animations, I can see that you have some skill, but they could be better with some simple studying and effort. By feedings us this shit, your telling us that you don't give a shit about the work you create. I'm not gonna tell you to give up, I'm gonna tell you to think things through before you start to work on things.

JudgeDJ responds:

I edited it... Simple as... I added those linesto makeit look like the camera was moving fast to the Character... So HA!!!
In your face! =P


Rated 1 / 5 stars

I think that series is goin to stink.

It looks just like Yugiho or Pokemon.... Hero of Wolves said that the music fit well, but I MUST dissagree. I think that this trailor sucked, and that that series will suck. Have a nice Day.

JudgeDJ responds:

Um yeah whatever you say! For starters you could learn how to spell properly. Second I don't have time for people like you "ahh this sucks try better"
What is the point? If you haven't got anything positive to say then don't say anything. I respect that you don't like it. But it's not just about cards it's about fighting too. You know how that person in X-men uses cards to fight? Well same sort of thing!
I don't see you making a better flash!=P
Anyway you just wait for Ep.1. I'll make you change your mind about this flash!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Good. It could have been better though.

Even though it was a trailer it was still lacking because it should have shown more content (what kind of cards, what do they do. . . were those Pokemon cards?). The graphics were good, but the animation needs a little more effort. The music fit really well though.

Overall, it was presented decently. But if you want hook more viewers and capture there interest so that they will want to see more in the series, you'll have to show more content.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

It was okay...

The graphics are very good, but the plot doesn't interest me at all.