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HEY ADMINS: I doubt youll read this, but apparently were at the limit of portal buddies, and we can't remove users from our list for some reason. expanding the limit would be cool, i dont see why there is a limit in the first place.

In the mean time, CookieClock and not_a_flavored_drink will have to wait to be co-authored. no portal buddy? no co-author. damn oh well.

Anyways, Goldentcat and Zekey also submitted stuff to today so i guess everything is good i guess so watch the show or somethin ok have fun

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More July Daily2oonness for the enjoyments...

CookieClock: Ummm.... Whoa. Computer-created background + sprites from various sources + a singing clownface. Hawt indeed, the ending's sound level aside.

Goldencat: EMO indeed. Looks like he's ironing his forearm, too. Fascinating. I think the wounds, they will not heal... because you keep slicing them up, dude. Ayup.

not a flavored drink: More depression + wrist-slitting referencing... was there a theme? CookieClock's was delightfully different if so... Ah well. Fairly nice payoff, actually.

ZekeySpaceyLizard: Wow, that's a trippy looking... thing you've... made... right there, man. O_O The weird green/purple-ish shading is making me think of some sort of Easter acid-trip. It's what the Pope would see if he were on LSD! EGAD, MAN! THAT'S IT. Yes.


Hmmmm mediocre as usual. But thanks for the Protect Point. Again!

lol that was ok

goldencat was the funniest to me cause thats just the most retarded shit in the world lol.... why do emos cut themselves who knows who cares but watch out when u mess with them because they might just write about it in there online journal.

:) < On July 18, CookieClock is the winner...

...and GoldenCat is a close second. The other two are a distant 3rd and 4th.

ZekeySpaceyLizard you're better than this

ZekeySpaceyLizard you've made some great flash before, what are you doing putting your name to this, you all know this is bad, so I cant be bothered to point out the obvious flaws with it, I just wanted to point out that one of you actually happens to be talented and I am dismayed that you would still produce this crap.