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Mystical Ninjas Ep.1

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one of my favorite games has always been mystical ninjas(or ganbare goemon), and ive always wanted to make a flash out of it. Finally got around to putting one together. Come join Kid Ying and Dr.Yang on a new adventure, hooray!*corny cheering*. Anyways, enjoy the flash, and some of the sounds and BGs may sound and look weird since i had to rip them myself. Enjoy!

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neat just neat

the part i lold at was when kid threw a bomb at dr yang

that brought back memories

i remember beating that game with my sister on the super nintendo it and this flash was awesome can't wait for part two

Goemon rocks!

The Goemon games rock, and are sooooo drastically underated, the flash was pretty good from what i watched, i'll continue to watch it tommorow but at the moment i'm a bit short of time. The only thing that i found annoying was the use of the names Kid Ying and Dr.Yang, instead of Goemon and Ebisumaru (i think that's how it's spelt).

Oh and P.S Goemons Great Adventure for n64 was legendary!


I love mystical ninjas since i played the first game


Legend of the mystical ninja is the best Snes game ever. I just really hate the time limit.