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in this special episode ozone murders every single glock group member


Anybody who uses the swastika is hated by me.

OK, so this how the Glock Group started. The Clock Crew started with the letter "B", the Lock Legion started with an image of SBL wielding a key next to a mangled SBC while playing "Staying Alive" by the Bee-Gees, and the Glock Group started by...um...this. Well, although you are the first to actually use an animated flash, this is low. I'll give you a few reasons why:

1. You have discriminated Germans. I'll have you know I am part German, and that is very offensive to my history, and it makes Germans and anyone who is part German look bad. If you're German in anyway, you're a Nazi, and I do not respect you for that.

2. You used the swastika. Great job, another offensive symbol to people. You guys a racists. The only way a swastika is not offensive is for the Buddhist symbol for luck. But because you used the Swastika, that makes you a Nazi b******. Even if you say you aren't, then fine, you're just cold-hearted because you offended me (and maybe some other people, but let's get back to the point).

3. MushroomGlock's flash was German music (which I liked...a lot...even though I couldn't understand anything) with some Glocks moving arorund. Oh, and swastikas. Yeah. No.

4. RaspberryGlock's was RasberryGlock with a flashing black oval on it while a flashing red and yellow screen happened and crap.

Overall, this is why I have a hatred of the GG, because I will think of you guys as Nazi b******s, wether you are or not. The Clock Crew was here first. The Lock Legion may suck, but at least they aren't offensive. THE CC WAS HERE FIRST.


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the best !

absolutely the best

I like all glock group movies

i suppose i like all of em coz think about it glocks 0wnz clocks and locks any way i want to join the glock group becozid help you j00 the other two gay groups


well, i found the clock group as the patriots of newgrounds, then the lock group i think are cool, even if they are kinda clock wannabees, but glock group is just sad, they are like wannabees of wannabees.
and the video was of poor quality. all of the sound and graphics need to be improved

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I swear the internet can be so GAY sometimes. The Glock Group is way cornier than the Clock Group. That's Hard!

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Jul 18, 2005
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