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Jul 17, 2005 | 12:09 AM EDT

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This animation is about why we are at war in Iraq...



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My dad's in Iraq and those aren't the real answers you don't what it feels like to not see your Dad in a year.When he could die without you even knowing.How hard it is to see a family laughing in joy a Dad a Mom a sister and a brother.And you remember that this war has taken your Dad to a whole different country.And seperated you for a year.I am crying as I type this and I say these reasons are not why we had war.


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You son of a bitch I just got back from IRAQ and its some of the stuff you said why we are there! Im probly going to get kicked out of the army for this but Im tierd of all these bleding hart libs saying that we need to go! If we go now we have good evidance that IRAN will invade that TRCKEY will invade and it will be the perfict sbring board for more of Al-Qudia and hezbola! Its crap like this that made my friend washout because he thougt that every one would support us going in whethr some people were for it or agenst it! I hope you rot in hell for this! Heres a idea for you go join the army and see frist hand how much we are still doing to find UBL!


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Ok I agree we shouldnt of went to war but yet I do think we should stay. (just cant leave and let 2,000 american soldier deaths be hidden)

Facts were almost right but your wrong on the fact that you think they arnt doing the best to find bin laden. We have had soldiers there 24/7 on the search. Yet that pussy ass tells people to kill them selfs and not to be pussys.


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I demand one real answer, why did you do this?

The music was great, and the truth is always funny. But overall didn't we all read or hear about this stuff on the news? <b>PHISION MAILED!</b>

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You are so misled it is funny. Hence, 10 on humor

Anyone can assemble random quotations from political figureheads and plaster them together to support any political agenda that he or she pleases.

Where are your facts backing up the issue of Saddam's inability to attack his neighbors? Have you ever heard of a FROG-7? How about an Exoset? No? I didn't think so. They are two types of missiles capable of attacking for many miles and I personally have seen 4 Russian FROG-7's and 2 French Exo's, and was responsible for the proper demilitrization of these weapons in theatre, that happen to be capable of containing gasses such as Sarin and VX.

In addition how do you explain the hundreds of SCUD's that were shot at U.S. military installations during the conflict? There was a period where i got less than 30 minutes of sleep for about 3 weeks at the beginning of the war due to this constant onlsaught of "weapons incapale of reaching saddam's neighbors." These bases were in Kuwait, and if it weren't for the PAT IV's many more civilians would have lost their lives. In addition, there was an occasion in which a Chinese Silkworm exploded in the Kuwait City Marina. Who do you think shot that? China? I doubt it.

If you had watched the news you would realize that there was a suitcase containing numerous WMD samples, including VX and a number of other nuero-toxins, found in a van in Iraq.

Saddam funded the Al-Queda through background activities. That seems like support to me.

Aside from your ascenine comments, if you are going to construct a political commentary in order to push for change, you should not just name the problems, you should at least put up a solution in your defense.

Osama is not directly connected to the issues faced in Iraq. Osama is still a concern, however, he has been reduced to a mite in comparason to our other problems that need to be faced. He has lost a substantial amount of power, and is not the thorn that he once was.

I believe that anything else i could say has already been touched on by my fellow enlightened reviewers. Please direct your attention to the other reviews to obtain information about what the war in Iraq is really all about.

If you would really like to push for peace, however, you should contact Kim Jong(sp?) II in Korea in order to petition him on his treatment of his people. It would be a much more worthwile pursuit, as it would actually have grounds.

Thank you for your time.


"Peace takes courage..." ...the courage of the proudly serving armed forces of the United States of America. The courage of the armed forces to fight for the freedoms that you have, to include the creation of ascenine political statements. I am proud to have served for your right to do this.

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