number munchers

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dont be fooled by the file size. this game took quite a bit of coding. it is just thanks to handdrawn images and clever techno loops that the file size remained less than a tenth of a kilobyte.

please try to enjoy, and leave your name, score, mode, and level in your review. remember the good old days?

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Not bad...

Number munchers!

I was feeling a bit nostalgic and somehow thought of this game. Instead of looking for it on the internet, I was like, 'oh hey, why not try NG since I'm there!' - Look and behold, here it is. Now my friend and I are playing it.

I'm aware that this is an older submission, but oh well, I like to review older stuff. The controls are a bit tricky (as you're already aware of). My little dude kept flying over the numbers and eaten by the monster-type thing. I'd probably keep at this game for a good hour or so if it weren't for that. Boo.

Yummy numbers

Well I thought it was funny that the game loaded way before the guy was down munching the numebers at the start. Or just MEH.
Damn I had tio think way too much playing this game, I'm not complaining. Maybe becuaseI found iit way too eay at the lower grade levels. I played multiples at every grade level. Then proceded to play tyhe rest at grade 8. I pretty good at math, and it was more fun to play at grade at because it proved more of a challange. I would hardly make a mistake at grade 3 till I was like way higher in levels. Nice game.

Well... get some origanality...

I remember playing number munchers before and they had like 10 versions... soooo you seemed to have copyed the number map completely and the character design completely.... sooo.....yeah

i gave it a 10 in humor cause...

it was so freakin random bro seriously it kinda reminded me of pacman

authorblues responds:

this is a real game. made in early 1990s.
its just a remake. but thanks for the review!

Credits & Info

3.70 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2005
2:26 PM EDT
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