A Homer Simpson S.B.

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There's probably about a million and one of these on the portal, but what the hey, here's mine! It's my very first attempt at making a soundboard.

The soundboard is split into two parts, "Useful Quotes" - ideal for prank calls, and "Random Quotes" - which is filler crap for during the prank call! =p

As always please leave constructive feedback on how I can improve. Enjoy!



its been done and some of the sounds arn't that clear, also it has a limited amount of quotes to pick from.

Frankiedaman responds:



there almost the same soundboard on newgrounds maybe you should do a other one make a other tv show one not to sound rude but there alot of homer simpson sounboards maybe you get a higher score next time

Frankiedaman responds:

hey "dude" ever heard of a thing called grammar.

you are typing like this and it is very annoying and i dont like it one bit and you never use a full stop in your sentences and it just keeps carrying on and on and on and on and on and you never take a breather oh no your face is turning red and purple and all the colours of the rainbow and i think your going to explode oh no yes you are going to explode kaboom

Ahem...back on topic, yes i will make another soundboard soon. I did mention that there are a lot of soundboards for homer simpson, please read the description of the flash before watching next time okay?

... people and sound boards im getting tired of'em

well the summary says it all and its pissing me off but at least it has some good sounds in'em

Frankiedaman responds:

Tired of people?!?!? Well, the gun is on the table if you wanna use it....


That was pretty good my friend. Some of the sounds were a little hard to hear though.

Fun to listen to. Made me laugh

Frankiedaman responds:

Good =) However it's main use is for prank calls. Try it =D

Great just needs a few more quotes

But it's quality(unlike this post) was great and i hope you keep up the good work.

Frankiedaman responds:

I will jampack my next soundboard with more quotes =p

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Jul 16, 2005
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