Tink's Tutorial Vol. 2

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*Edit* Help me out and recommend this flash and my 2 other tutorials for the "flash tutorials" section. Thanks for your support!

Well everyone i'm back! This time im going to teach you how to draw a pretty good looking scenery, I have also made my drawings a little better, the only problem is now theres no mouths or eyebrows, then again who needs em? As always there will be extreme dancing and some of what you guys want: BLOOD AND GORE! W00T! So enjoy my new tutorial! Words of advice tho, never give me a commentary that says "you suck" or something, because you can get in trouble for that shit. If anything you should tell me how I could get better, but don't down an artist, make him better. Do that and I will have high respect for you.


by far some of the best stuff ....

I love the tutorials that you make, even if you have only made two so far ........ the only problem is we are still getting shitty entries all the time, I think you need one about fucking storylines, loadsa people need that, and more convincing that stick men are shit, I wanna see more tink rip offs! ...

Anyways back to the flash like I said I really enjoyed it, its so much funnier than most other flashes around, like most people said shame bout the sounds, but that isn't your fault like you said ...... can't wait to see more of you work, it'll be ace I'm sure

TacoRemix responds:

nice ideas bro, my next tutorial is on weapons. after that ill see what else, how to draw cars, then ill work on some animation then storylines, it'll all be one big story, you'll see.

Lol Penisland

Thats not even funny, Penisland=Penis Land.

TacoRemix responds:

no, pen island, silly boy!

omg! thats sounds so like my life!

really funny loved it. daddy loved me too much too.


dude that was the most, "helpful" tutorial i seen... o and try using some limp bizkit song in on next time ok.. they swear a lot in thier songs... ehm right so ya it was good


i had to make a up a word for this, its just that funny. awesome spoof on that painting show, and i loved how u rambled aboutnerdy ttailer trash britney spears fans. i give it an A

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Jul 16, 2005
1:34 AM EDT
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