Tink's Tutorial Vol. 2

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*Edit* Help me out and recommend this flash and my 2 other tutorials for the "flash tutorials" section. Thanks for your support!

Well everyone i'm back! This time im going to teach you how to draw a pretty good looking scenery, I have also made my drawings a little better, the only problem is now theres no mouths or eyebrows, then again who needs em? As always there will be extreme dancing and some of what you guys want: BLOOD AND GORE! W00T! So enjoy my new tutorial! Words of advice tho, never give me a commentary that says "you suck" or something, because you can get in trouble for that shit. If anything you should tell me how I could get better, but don't down an artist, make him better. Do that and I will have high respect for you.


F-ing Funny Shit

Dude your tutorials are useful and fucking funny! Nicely done!

Obviously the review before me was written by a stick figure fucking watching anime while jacking off motha fucka who's just jealous of you ownage skills.

Do another tutorial. Please? FUCKING PLEASE?

You are my Idol lol jk zomg a lied

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what a crap tutorial

i think u pushed it too far with all the shit in the beggining. And the humor was 0 cause you randomly saying "FUCK NIGGA WHAT WHAT" isn't amusing. but to get down to business the background and water ripples sucked. my advice learn to make backgrounds before youw rite a tutorial.
P.S: rag on me all u want(it still sucked)


hey i did add a msg thing at the end of the first tortorial but i duno if u saw it :( well i said that i wana make animae like this n not madness sht! but i duno what program to use for this. can u send me a link from where 2 download the program to make ppl like tink :)
please reply 2 me :-)

TacoRemix responds:

It's just Micromedia (macromedia?) flash. It's just how you work on shapes and stuff, my first tutorial shows you how to do that.

Voice is bad...

Voice is bad, but I understand you. I love you and your tutorials. I love you. <3


u gotta make more of this! very very funny stuff!

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Jul 16, 2005
1:34 AM EDT
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