Bureau of Justice: Ep 1

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This is the first episode of a new super hero parody series I plan on creating. I have 10 episodes drawn out and I hope to have the 2nd out in a few months. Leave reviews as to what you think.

Email any questions and/or comments to kkozinski@gmail.com


Hey Sporkman, Plunge here, Good job on the Flash!

I like to see original flash here on the portal and this is pretty good. I cant't wait to see more, so keep it up!

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You tried so hard to be funny. Shame it didn't work. The drawing sucked. The voice acting was terrible. The plot was non-existant.
Oh, and you said his beak was extended... but in the second scene it was no longer extended. Doesn't make sense.
Back to the drawing board you go!

spork-man22 responds:

can't please everyone. sorry you didnt like it.


i get the radioative spam....i get the radioactive banana....i just don't get how he ate the spam WHILE IT WAS STILL IN THE CAN!
and besides there are funnier orifices for a monkey to stick a banana than his eye!
but good work anyway!

it was ok

This movie was pretty good, but u need to work on it a bit. the animation was rather off... and the conversation between the penguin and the monkey lagged. there was always this quiet time before each of them spoke. dont find me discuraging. THIS FLASH SERIES HAS LOTS OF POTENTIAL!!!! just work on ur animation a bit and ur speeches

Haha, i cant wait for more!

Great job on this first episode Kyle, it is a fantasticintro to what appears so be the beginning of another famous series on NG. Everything was well done, above the average.

The graphics were good, way betterthan anything i could do. But they still werent the best i think you could do. The drawings were good and somtimes i noticed you put effort and detail into the backrounds. The colours were not that good. They seemed to be just the basic colours and you didnt really use shading at all. The animation was also good at some points, maybe a little too slow though. Anyways better graphics will come with practise, im sure they will get better throughout the series. Your style in this was very good, i loved the idea and the way you presented it too. You got people interested in this series right away. The sound was really well done, except a few places(such as the bananas falling on the grouund) needed some sound effects. The sounds that you did have were great, the music was really well chosen and the voice acting was superb. Humour was great too, another funny series can never go wrong!

Overall a great introduction with and animation flaw or two. Not a really big deal though as this was still a blast to wacth. Anyways keep at it Kyle! 4/5

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3.68 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2005
11:24 PM EDT
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