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Melvin The Mushroom 2

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Author Comments

Well, after much procrastination, Melvin's back. I decided to just make this a simple game with no real loser. I stuck to that simple addictive gameplay that was liked about the last game and built off it. I hope you enjoy it!
*NOTE* If it seems you get stuck just jump!


(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
It had a certain charm to it. The music was very fun to listen to. The sixteen bit graphics were kind of cool looking too. Needs some improving though.

^^Needs Improving^^
This seems a bit buggy to me. In some spots I got stopped by invisible walls. Also, if you jump on a moving platform, you should move with it, instead of staying stationary. Another thing, the level designs weren't that good. Some of them were just mindless jumping up staircases.


thanks for using my music in your second installment - I beat the game and the ending was kinda.. well unfulfilling. I think the mushroom should have weapons and there should be enemies. Otherwise its just random hopping. And then when it loops the sound overlaps - you need to put a stopallsounds(); at the end to stop that.

It was pretty kewl tho and I liked hearing my music over and over - regardless of what that 13 year old before me reviewed.

keep up the good work man!


How can u guys say that it is that bad.

the three or so people who said that must of not been around when nintendo64 came out and evrybody wanted it soooo bad. those games were the best cuz they were so simple that they were amazingly addicting and fun.
Graphics- I agree appropiate for the game. Melvin could look better then plain white but i give it 7/10.
Style- Ive never seen a game like this on new grounds before, it's so mario like that if the music was mario i wouldnt want to leave my computer for hours, i'd just play and think: screw mario this is better, 10/10
Sound-The bacicly 8 seconds of music that played over and over were very, well BAD. It almost gave me a headache, if you found a better and longer song (Mario =P) to loop that would be fantastic.
I give 3/10 for this catagory.
Voilence- None, honestly if their were enemys you had to avoid it would be good and also raise this. 0/10
Interactivity- This game was so interactive, like the paths you chose, it got a little bit confusing at the 3rd level, but hey the longer it takes the better ;) 10/10
Humor- The who story line of the game was funny but in the begining f the music i was laughng alot...until the second level when i got bored of the music. I guess the whole concept of the game and the mushrooms made me laugh. 8/10
Overall- Great job!! two thumbs up! i hope to see your simplistic play again....ELMO ; )
smellman.... ; )

Not awful.

Yeah, it isn't awful, but it isn't great either. I can see where you're trying to go with this; but it isn't happening. The background graphics are reasonable (Melvin himself is a little bland, to say the least), the music is reasonably catchy if somewhat repetitive, and the levels aren't exactly challenging. Something to do other than jumping from block to block would be excellent, too. I'm sure you could develop this further.

And fix the spelling mistakes in the story! Or, better still, scrap it entirely.


its nice but u could of put enemies and to much jumping around to much stairs

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Credits & Info

2.37 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2005
10:00 PM EDT
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