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Alkie Kong

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Remake +dranking to much of the original Donkey Kong! 30 levels,3 dope minigames, scoreboard and SLUTS SLUTS SLUTS. Enjoy, and don't play while driving.

If you get a black screen, try refreshing the page (F5)

For those saying it's to hard please leave a review saying wether you're playing easy or hard mode, AND QUIT YOUR BITCHING AND PRACTICE. :)


completely terrible

why is this on the front page? no one likes this flash. all the reviews are saying the same thing. frustratingly difficult, shitty irresponsive controls, lousy graphic, crappy rehashed gameplay that makes the original DK games blush in shame at being associated with this jittery train wreck.

tom fulp seems to be your only fan. he said "give it more than one level, give it a real chance". i did. and believe me, level 2 is no better, nor is level three, four, five, six, or any of the crappy nearly-impossible levels of this game. i found that even when i passed a level, i had no idea WHY i was able to pass that time, what i'd done differently, or how things went any better than the countless times i'd died. this game seems to be based on 50% sheer dumb luck and 50% maddeningly frustrating gameplay.

i have never seen a flash game more deserving of permanent deletion. i can't even begin to suggest how you might make improvements. it would take divine intervention to transform this ugly duckling into anything less than blinding.

if i never play this game again, i swear it will be too soon.

too glitchy

it was hard but im not going to complian about that it suppsoed to be but there are a few annoying glitches like barrells hitting you when they really dont and things like that

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Harharhar it's not as hard as it is hyped up to be

If it is so hard, how come I just completed it on Hard Mode?. >.>

The main problem is there are SO many glitches... Barrels that should kill going through you, barrels not touching you killing you...

Make a sequel, this is a very good game, basic but fun.

By the way-Level Design is totally top notch. Very original and unusual. XD

Nice game...

I am looking forward to a slighty less impossible version though.
Good game either way, can't wait to see more!

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Honestly...I hated it...

I don't see why this game is so popular...The graphics are "OK",the style totaly sucked cuz its just a remake of that Mario vs Donkey kong game wich was never good in the first place. I dont see how you can make a parody of a game by just remaking it. If people like it thats fine, I hate it...

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3.79 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2005
7:48 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other