Alkie Kong

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Remake +dranking to much of the original Donkey Kong! 30 levels,3 dope minigames, scoreboard and SLUTS SLUTS SLUTS. Enjoy, and don't play while driving.

If you get a black screen, try refreshing the page (F5)

For those saying it's to hard please leave a review saying wether you're playing easy or hard mode, AND QUIT YOUR BITCHING AND PRACTICE. :)



w0000!!! b33r!!!

Too hard to be fun and it took the fun out of the

game. There's one barrel taht follows you then u need to jump over the 4 barrels ihn front of you (glitch it's impossible too.) It had good sprites and funny but how the fuck do u play this hard game drunk people cant beat this shit sober (i played easy and hard both are hard)

Basically this was a good game with too much difficulty I mean y do u think raiden X is #1 since 2 months because it was'nt hard and did'nt discourage replay value the most powerful factor of a game but still p retty fun


So many glitches it was painful.

Fuck you and Isaac Asmilov!

Having said that, i just want you to know that this game really reminded me of DK, and just how much i sucked at those games. The music was awesome and i probably wouldn't have stayed to the end if it wasn't. By the way, whenever i would continue i would press spacebar and it would jump up a level or two...please don't fix that. 5

Remake of a classic

That was highly entertaining. It has been so long since I have played any of these!


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3.79 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2005
7:48 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other