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FF:Ages Episode 3

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Author Comments

My latest intallment ot my seres FF:Ages, please don't reveiw if you don't like sprites or final fantasy. My sound may be very glitch because of my stupid microphone so keep that in mind. Anyway, Enjoy.

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your getting better by each flash

but there still is alot that could be improved. dont use midi's for example... if you want a good site for FF6 Mp3's ask me... i got em all... but you have made big improvments by each flash you make. i know how hard it is to make a battle scene. but you need to spend more time on them... maybe adding some extra effects that goes beyond the game's... anyway, keep improving

//Bohman, Creator of the imperial recruit series.

Yup, a 5, person.

Well, first of all, the sprite idea is a GOOD idea, but you should probably have used a sprite background... Voice actors would be nice too... But that's only 'cause I am lazy :B Well, the music.. um.. it sucked o_O no offense. Try MIDIs or Mp3s.. I've got a lot of game music. Well, the stoeyline is great an all, but Kefka isn't gay O_o... Yeah.. fear the paragraph of criticism... :B
Sincerely, Gato.

RuffNTumble responds:

Your right Kefka isn't gay...He just likes the color pink. You got a problem with it?

Still all right

Wasnt as good as the second one, but still all right. I jus think some of the motions are a little slow....music and everything else was all right though. I thought kefka looked kewl, i want a suit like dat :D

RuffNTumble responds:


Kefka is pink ruined the future of the series

I was going to take one last serious look at this serious, and when I saw Kefka in pink...acting like a child (possibly gay, don't know yet), all hopes for this series ignited like dry trees in California.

Graphics: I'm a sprite lover/artist, but the backgrounds don't really work, however I can see your trying to get them to mix. The animation is below average. The characters appear on scene (Guard in Kefka's chamber). If Kefka's men can teleport then whether he's a pansy wont stop him or his dumb floor from ruling the earth. The fight scenes were weak, however the shadow flight of Frionel was the real eye opener for me.

Style: This plot is too messed up. Your trying to be original, yet this plot is already stale at episode three, and Shadow sparing the guy? Come on.

Sound: Is a big piece of crap. My ears bled. Did you put a microphone up to your TV with your SNES hooked up and record? seriously, in this rare case silence is better, much better.

Violence: 8 bit characters on 16 bit background isn't easy to pull off, I know first hand, but it seems majority of the characters are 8 bit...
The blood spills to fast, the fight scenes are also pretty lame.

Interactivity: I had to click crap and write this review. That's as much as I can interact with.

Humor: Was I supposed to find anything funny?

Overall = Zero

Sorry man, but this series is taking a bigger nose dive then I was predicting it would. First off you submit once a day. If anyone on NG recalls, I did this in the past, pulled off higher score till my true flash buds taught me Quality is better than Quantity. Noone gives a crap about a 100 episode saga of a stationary edited sprite of Kefka (which ruined any hope of recovery since there are a mass of Kefka fans), it's about the story, action and how the fans enjoyed it. This...wont get you a award, or a name for yourself on NG. My friends and myself already got a award and name for ourselves. It's time to guide the next wave of sprite artists, and pretty much, I'm saying this series will go no where in no time.

Your hope is to train, practice, maybe have a 'big wig' check it before you submit. Your passing movies on NG, but if they continue like this people will just open movie, let it load, close window, slam you a 0-3 score and move right along. This will be my last big review for you. This is here to help you. Read this, analyze it, watch my later movies (you can see literal evolution from Warfare 1-X) and I pray the next time I review your movie it will be a step up the ladder. That is all.

RuffNTumble responds:

Once again you review my flash, once again I have to tell you to fuck off and leave me alone.


The music killed it, having voices instead of text and a progress button might have saved it.

Credits & Info

2.09 / 5.00

Jul 14, 2005
10:54 PM EDT