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Human Petting Zoo

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EDIT: Front page!! Thank you so much! It just inspires me to make more, thanks!
This was the last of 3 animations I did in the fall. It took me a while to compress them down, but here it is. I'm hearing there are sound problems, so I might try to fix that. Hope you like it, I consider it my best of all my animations. It's about an Alien going to a bar after a bad day at his Earth Zoo job. My chance to poke fun at Earth sterotypes :)
Thank you all for the reviews!

EDIT: If you're gonna leave negative reviews, at least tell me what you didn't like. Don't just curse at me or something. Be constructive!


Not bad

I liked it. It didnt amaze me or anything, but it was good.


s'no old'ens

Sunspot01 responds:

seriously, why leave reviews like this?


kinda lamxor. i didn't even watch the whole thing. and you can't say "oh, you didn't see it all, so you don't have a legit complaint." as a matter of fact, if a flash can't hold my interest and grab me from the get go it's pretty much a piece of rat shit. and it's not like i just watched a few seconds. i gave it a fair chance. it's just pretty much awful. awful shit. that's what it is. sorry to say.


How in the hell did that make the front page? It was stupid.

Very clever idea!

I like this flash mainly because it was a very clever idea for an animation! keep up the cool ideas.

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3.49 / 5.00

Jul 14, 2005
9:48 PM EDT
Comedy - Original