Human Petting Zoo

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EDIT: Front page!! Thank you so much! It just inspires me to make more, thanks!
This was the last of 3 animations I did in the fall. It took me a while to compress them down, but here it is. I'm hearing there are sound problems, so I might try to fix that. Hope you like it, I consider it my best of all my animations. It's about an Alien going to a bar after a bad day at his Earth Zoo job. My chance to poke fun at Earth sterotypes :)
Thank you all for the reviews!

EDIT: If you're gonna leave negative reviews, at least tell me what you didn't like. Don't just curse at me or something. Be constructive!


Not bad!

Hmmm... By any chance, did you get your inspiration for the aliens from Toe-Jam and Earl? That's what everything reminds me of. You only needed an alien performing stunts on some realllllly bouncy thingy....And you'd be set.

Anyway, cartoon was good... nice job :)

Sunspot01 responds:

Thanks, glad ya liked it! I always had a thing for aliens. This one was a lot of fun for me to make. I'm still storyboarding a sequel/prequel. And naw, I didn't get any ideas from Toe-Jam and Earl. I just have a crazy imagination. Although I do remember playing TJ&E 2 on genesis! Ah, the good ol' days of 2d goodness...*sniff*

UUH not really likin this one dude

Neways i gave it 7 violance kuz if i eevr saw a guy sleep with a 3 titted blue haired mohawk in a yellow jumpsuit chick id kill him, but yea man it doesnt really entertain me, and b4 you get mad just remember one thing...im bein nice about it!

Very Entertaining

Nice job with the animation that was great, the story somewhat lacked depth, but i dont think it was really meant to have depth considering it was a 3 minute flash. It was very entertaining, good details too, really makes you feel there.

You need to work on some things

I'll give you major props for graphics, but the whole concept of this flash was lacking style and purpose. I got the idea, and it wasn't all that good. You should have made a flash on humans alone; the animals part was a bit distracting.


Sunspot01 responds:

Yeah, but then it would have been even shorter, and earth isn't just about humans. Thanks for the props for graphics though!

I really don't care for these kinds of cartoons

I was hoping for so much more but got terribly dissapointed. Thanks for wasting my time. Please just try to at least find something that is a bit more entertaining. Maybe I don't like aliens or maybe I just don't understand your type of humor.

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3.49 / 5.00

Jul 14, 2005
9:48 PM EDT
Comedy - Original