And Now...Spooks n' Juju.

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Jatae: Angelo is lazy and asleep right now, so his "real" commentary will be added later.

However, I will supply a brief one. We, as friends, like to poke fun at each other. He likes to make fun of me about how I'm scared to death of "spooky things" because I'm part black. And, on the flip side, I make fun of him because he's gay and enjoys buttsecks.

Unfortunately, I'm not the one who can draw.

Angelo: Well I'm awake now. And uh.. you'd think I'd have a commentary, but I really don't. Just that this is a parody of Scooby Doo type shit to the Ghosts n Goblins song. Yeah.. oh and I am not gay, and I enjoy buttsecks about as much as Jatae enjoys the musical stylings of Lil' John.


Woo Woo

And oce again, you guys make a flash movie that never gets old. TO sum it all up in two words: Woo Woo!


Should have went with super ghouls 'n' ghosts music-- my god what a hard freaking game!



Interesting animation you have here, i like the way you drew all the creatures, and how you made the main character run around looked pretty good. The music went well with the animation. There was not much of a story here, but it was a really nice to watch...



I am rolling on the floor laughing right now.Hahahaha.

WTF mate. But in a good way.

Graphics: The best I've seen so far by Tablet-co. That's not saying much. Okay, this was supposed to be about the graphics. Basically, I'm going to tell you what I tell everybody, which is that you should start drawing with vector shapes. Good use of color, could have been better.

Style: I liked the cheesey nod to castlevania. Okay, Angie and Meanie Mc BadBad, I want you to watch this with your eyes CLOSED. Okay? Do it right now. Go. Are you done? Put your hands up to your ears. You see how your hands weren't already covering your ears just from watching this movie? And how there is no blood on your hands after covering your ears? That's because this submission DIDN'T feature the sounds of a death metal ensemble being dragged behind a car as it speeds down an asphalt turffed hill and slams into a wall, AKA "Grunge." This is only one of the things you did right with this submission, and I encourgae this lack of traffic accident music in your future releases.

Violence: "What are you doing here in our living room?" "I'm going to run into you really fast and it's probabaly going to hurt somewhat." "No... Don't! NOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Humor: The food powerup was kinda funny. You don't see many black sterotypes in comedy these days, but I guess since we were raising everything ELSE from the dead, one joke couldn't hurt. Hey if you want to get revenge, while your bother is sleeping, you could make a cartoon about him taking it in the ass. Hey, and maybe he could be like in prison when this is happening... you know, for murdering you four times. Yeah, that could work! Erm... Anyway, back to THIS submission... I thought the skellington playing its ribs as a xylophone was pretty clever. And Don Knotts leading an army of the undead has got to be the most hillarious thing I ever saw. No wonder they didn't catch her! Um, you. Or something.

Overall: This was good. Not the best submission on NG, but it was kinda funny. Definitely better than your crappy half-assed submissions like Hitler is a Sensitive Man and I Saw You At The Pet Shop. You should just like, turn the microphone on and start making fun of each other, and then make animation to go along with it.

HappySquid responds:

Alright, I'm awake now, and this is the first review I read. Although you try to act as if you're not being offensive, and showing critique.. well you are. First off.. I don't know who the hell told you this was about graphics, this is something I did in like half a day (more or less) with a blood vessel popped in my right eye. As for drawing with vector shapes.. why not also suggest me to to everything with the pencil tool and motion tween on 700 different layers? Sorry, I'm not out to be like every other doucher on newgrounds. It was another one of those times when I was having a conversation with someone and then I said "Dude, I'm so making a flash about ______" and they so "No you're not!", and I don't turn shit like that down, so I say "Just watch me." This has been the scenario for Shut Up Brad, and Meanie McBadBad.. and now.. Spooks N' Juju. Let me also say that "And Now..." is a series of 13 really silly (and usually incredibly shitty) flashes that I make in my free time of extreme boredom. The thing that makes And Now Flashes different than the normal bullshit we pump out've our asses is that they come to me when I hear a silly videogame song and say "Hey.. this would be funny if _____" then I continue to make (usually) a 20 second pile of (somehow) silly animated 'wonderment'. This leads me to my second point:

This is not a nod to Castlevania, it's a game called Ghouls 'n Ghosts or some shit.. I've also hear it called Ghosts n. Goblins, Goblins n' Ghouls, and a bunch've other stupid psuedo-spooky shit.. the games are fun.. but I don't follow the series enough to give a damn. And all and all.. this is supposed to be a parody on Scooby-Doo.. and really old Disney Cartoons.. you know, stuff that's supposed to be kinda spooky but is really just laughable. And since Jatae is deathly afraid of ghosts.. well, yeah. Also.. as for our previous flashes.. do you understand the meaning of Satire? Do you actually think I would be proud of screaming like some shitty Grunge rocker about Jatae's cat? But I mean it's cool you like this one the best and stuff.

Also.. yeah, black stereotypes.. do you not watch Chappelle's Show? or Mad TV? or Any stand-up comedy whatsoever? Most people just think they're dead because (sorry) white people just can't make fun of other ethnicities publically without liberal hippies trying to kill you, which leads me to my next point. I am gay and do enjoy buttsecks, if by gay you mean half mexican, and buttsecks you mean chicken fajitas. And that's pretty cool you noticed the Don Knotts thing, I didn't think most people would know who the hell that is.. then again I havent checked other reviews.. and, I'm too fucking lazy right now.

Thanks for saying it was good and kinda funny. And as for our other flashes being half-assed submissions.. well.. guilty as charged. As Hitler is a Senstive man is on NG? Shit on a shingle.. Jatae must've had fun with the upload button, I'll have to check that out later ;D. Oh and about having us all argue with the microphone on and make a animation to go along with it: It's going to be a series called.. well we don't know what it's called yet, but we've got a few episodes planned.. that's pretty much what the coup de grace of Tablet-co was/is supposed to be.. we just haven't got around to it.. You know.. I will probably copy and paste some of this stuff and put it in the description.. thing.

It's not like I'm pissed off or anything, this is just the first review I saw, and I'm half awake, and since you took soooo much time to type all that out, I thought I'd return the favor =D

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Jul 14, 2005
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