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Jul 14, 2005 | 6:12 PM EDT

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This animation is about withdrawal from the war in Iraq...



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ok im going to be nicer this time.

What I want to know is were did you get that PIC of me siting in that humve. You know that one with that scard kid just siting there looking out of the side like that. This is very true but people you must rember this army runs on a volinter system. Every person in this slideshow knows that. Evey one in the PICS knew what they were geting into. Just remeber this after you read this reviwe. I saw someone die in front of me. He said the only regret he had was that he was not going to see the rest of this CAMPEGN thru. or in other words he was proud to be on the front lines he knew what he was doing and he was proud of what we did in Iraq! My name is Andrew Raus and im a SGT. in the 3RD armoder DIV. and we were some of the frist in bagdad. And that one guy liyng lifeless on the side of that freeway was a scuicde bomer in disgies. He had atlest 10lb of C-4 staped to his chest. So rember this no mater how many men we lose we have got to stay comited to what we are doing there in IRAQ and its some of the brave men we see in this movie why we have the freedoms we have. As my Captien always said,"FREEDOM IS NOT FREE! DONT BACK DOWN NOW OTHER WISE THE TEROIST HAVE ALREDY WON!"

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((( DECENT )))

This was ok, its more like a msg to get out, and needs more effort on other details such as design layout and graphics, so that it could appeal to more people, the subject matter doesnt find tomany interested as it is, but notbad, hope to see more different stuff soon...



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good one

very nice animation.... especially if you against the war.
if you are for the war however..... you may not like this one too much


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you're right bush is a *******

very good story, i agree with you but i can't help you cause i live in the netherlands, but keep making this movies!


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Malichi your an idiot

this is pointed to malichi (reviewer below me)
1st off the funniest thing in your review was how you constantly present that you think her animation is simple and easy to create. now i dot disagree. such transitions are easy but how can you dare comment on that when u have no flashes of your own??? also you act like you know the entire war like the back of your hand. if you have ever spoken to any marines when they are returning from a tour in iraq you would probably have a lot more to say. when you say they are just doing a job you make it sound like there going to the office. Men become soldiors for a passion its not a job its a lifestyle. they are paid little and are thrown into dangerous situations.
Lastly the way you said "We have started something and we a have a responsibility to stick by them" my friend we or atleast i have started nothing i suppose you must not know much but im sure if you look around you will be able to find more and more evidence from the ever growing pile of it against the president. anyone who has any faith or trust in him has to be as dumb as you.