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ArmyAnts (Unfinished)

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As some of you may have noticed, I started a game called Army Ants and placed pictures of it into the NG MAG. If you had also read the comments toward it, I have wrote that I had lost the FLA file due to a computer crisis. I feel really f*ckin bad but there is no FLA file to continue this game, that took nearly 6 months to get as far as I did. I just wanted to upload this to show people what I got done so far. IT IS NOT A FULL GAME, AND THERE ARE STILL A LOT OF BUGS, but again I placed an Alpha, so I'm gonna uphold it and release what I did have left over to you guys. Feel free to BLAM this. Again, I feel extremely bad, I got a lot of good feedback on the game (I was #25 in anticipation, now I'm #50). Sorry for letting you guys down.

Enemy ants spawn continuously by there self, as a quick speed. Turn the quality to LOW. The game will prolly run slow unless you have a fast computer.

NOTES: The Mandible Blades don't work, as well as the DragonFlyer. Try playing the game at night! The BG will change to nighttime if you play after 8 or so.Hit "'" key to enter Game Performance settings, and ";" key to Hide/Unhide the Armory Screen. The "/" key starts Breeding an Ant. Next to Weapons and ANt breeding, there are 2 buttons. Ones for Cancelling breeding, the other for Toggeling constant breeding. On the bottom mid area of the screen, there's the Map. Clicking on E brings you to the Enemies. Clicking the Anthill brings you to your Hill. The basic Premise of the game is to destroy The Enemy Anthill, so do that and kill all other ants to win.


Nice!!! I LOVE YOU!!!



FUN make more weps and make it a chalenge and just 1 more thing... whats that thing that comes out of the enemies nest when you get near???

use a swf to fla converter!?

Why dont you use a converter to convert the swf to fla? It's not the same but maybe you'll be able to do something with it! I really liked this game :D
Hm.. I think it deserves better graphics too ^^;;

This is the best game, try to start over...

I know that you lost the file man. But I also know you worked really hard, and the time it took make those god damned red ants move with AI and all. I know cause I was sitting right next to you.
Okay guys, this game isn't that hard to figure out:
1. Read EvilWilly's "Authur's Comments."
2. Click on the weapons to "create" them.
3. Click on the ants and look at all the icons you can click on to do stuff. Some of them work and some of them dont, but its still fun.
My favorite part of this game is the Ant Lion. I can remember if EvilWilly said what it was.{It's the thing that comes up out of the whole and kills the ants.}
Oh yeah, and you can name you ants too. All you have to do is click on them and highlight the letters "Ant."
I hope you guys can understand how much work this guy's put into this. You did a great job. Good luck with the next one :)

EvilWilly responds:

LoL, Hey man, did I ever tell you, you are the best!? Before you go to Florida, me and you have to get together.

good but we need instructions

Good game, and i eventually worked out how to play, but instructions would be much better

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2.68 / 5.00

Jul 14, 2005
3:08 PM EDT
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