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Starcraft Homeworld remix

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This is my second animtion, its a follow up from my first, where the terran retreat from the zerg and end up on auir, where they are unwelcome, and so the battle contuines on the homeworld of the protoss!!!


wow cool!

this is really cool! (srry bout the technomix review)

LegolaSS responds:

hello there my little 13 year old friend... no need to oppolige, thanks for saying sorry anway, just keep blamin all thous rubbushie stick / clock / *other crews* ones... unless they are accutly worth somthing... chow.

Once Again!

once again frickin awesome movie jus didnt think the music was as good as the last although the drawings were much much better keep it up!

LegolaSS responds:

Hey ZergX again, thanks for your review, i like to see what people think about them. chow.


that poor zealot... point blank shot by the tank.

it was fucking outstanding

that was real god i remember watching your first one before i went to bootcamp. Keep up the good work and make one for the zerg. lol

LegolaSS responds:

Hey ZERO-X-USN, well i hope bootcamp wasnt to hard, make one for the zerg eh?... i duno sounds a bit risky, they been in both so far and are in my 3rd, i duno if i should keep doing "music videos" but hey, people like em, i know there not high quality awsome moives but im still learnin so i hope you review my 3rd one and give me some more views on what i can inprove, anway im glad you liked it and thanks for leavin a review, chow...


I love starcraft that was a great flash movie.
i like how you used the voices and sound fx from the game.
i like how you included the protoss carrier.
please make another but next time try to make it funny.

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4.12 / 5.00

Jul 14, 2005
6:45 AM EDT
Music Video