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> Just a tip about this game, flying at your max speed dodging the enemies may get you to the end of the level, but wont rack you much points. Slow down a bit and destroy the enemies, and post your highscores. So far mine is 3200 and thats nothing great. So good luck.

This is my most unique movement system in a game so far, this games all about SPEED, get to your destination before time runs out or you're dead, you lose all your points. Its a quick game, only lasts about a min.. but you have to use all your skills to get a highscore here. The controls are simple, arrow keys to move, shift for speed boost. Some unique things about this game is that theres no life bar, you're basically invunerable! Also the controls may be simple, but how you steer your ship through the level will determine your score, it truely takes skill.

Some tips:
Always hold the Speed Boost when you first start playing, or you're not gonna finish the level in time. When you become better at controling, you'll be able to fly through levels without it.

Crashing into asteroids may be fun, and get you some free points, but it severely slows you down, make sure you can get to the end of the level with the time you have.

And good luck. Btw this game currently has no sound.



I guess when I go to find a shooter, I expect something very plain. Kill all the enemies you can until you reach the end of the level. This is more of, space race plus space shooter.

like it

well its called simple and that's what it is, and its good, you can do a super speed mode xD it will be badass

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Nice work

Hey nice work... better if there were more levels..... 2 maby.... lol anyways somthing i found stupid about this is you can just crash into the enemies to kill em i got 6000 just by doing that so this game needs some work but good graphics its good overall.... even if this is just a sample i like your games make more :D keep up the good work

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really nice graphics but...

really nice graphics but hard to control and hard to destroy the enemy

The rocks were hard to destroy.

The pace was fast and I couldn't get ALL of the bad guys and rocks. But it was a nice game, man. Nice Job.

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3.54 / 5.00

Jul 14, 2005
1:20 AM EDT
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