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B/W Cartoon About Berries

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It's paperflash #2 and a return to the darker side of things with BERRIES. It goes before ROOF TILING but they can be watched in any order really. Music by Chris Gladwin.


Bad birdy you!

I noticed the skeleton head or whatever in the back of the wall. What was that guy's meaning?

Anyway, great job. Loved the Exorcist reference in the miror.

That was realy creepy. Looks like the Blair Witch Project in a way.

most of your stuff..........

.most of your stuff.......... i find sick and disturbing this wasnt as disturbing you clearly have an actuall talent which doesnt shine through in your other flashes erm i know you may feel yur selling out but make a flash which doesnt have odd phrases or weid goings on i mean see a psychiatrist

Just as bad as Roof Tiling

I said the same about Roof Tiling - so over the top that it's a parody of itself. You do excellent work, but these two just fell flat for me. Your stuff is very good when it's funny, and very good when it's totally batshit insane, but this one just doesn't work.

The words are ineffective

I agree much with the last reviewer, strangly enough, this takes you closer to the mind of someone insane than any movie I've ever watched.

He seems a victim of demon possesion to me, with the uncontrollable fits of anger. I like the chaotic ambience, myself.

A lot of art in the past, even though so disturbing, are still excellent works of art. Poe was brilliant and appeared so insane. I'd put Mr. Firths work on a new level of its own. Something I find very interesting is how hard my mind tries to work to make sense of something so chaotic.

Heh, enough of my own ramblings

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This is disturbing on many levels, not the least of which is that I enjoyed it, maybe not exactly "enjoyed" it, maybe more like a horrible fascination, like watching someone's house burn, or looking at the severed limbs at an auto accident. Oddly enough, this reminded me of the film "Session 9", I'm not sure why though. You do have a gift for the dark & surreal, I'm surprised you're not working in Hollywood, or challenging Stephen King's status of "king of horror". Your art is quite fitting, the voice acting well done, your audio is good. I especially liked the mirror scenes with the rewind SFX & the demonic voice SFX. And the "sure as buttons" comment, for some reason it sort of made me sit up & take even more notice. I'll have to admit that I do enjoy your work, like I enjoy a good horror novel, or film. I suppose that I should be disturbed by all this disturbing stuff, but I'm not, and I find that a little disturbing. I certainly hope to see more from you in the future.

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Jul 13, 2005
10:56 PM EDT
Comedy - Original
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