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Poverty Epidemic

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Jul 13, 2005 | 5:26 PM EDT

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Author Comments

This animation is a bit old but the message still need to be heard.. i made and animation about this because i think this is one of the issues that unites both democrats and republicans alike... we all know that something needs to be done about the povery epidemic going on around the world... please take the time to consider donating to any organization that helps with this problem... and remember peace takes courage



Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

True, but biased.

every single solitary one of those people you showed were black, black black black. and i'm not trying to be racsist, but africa isn't the only country that's in poverty.

unfortunatly we've seen that donations, even in the Thousands, will only help 100 or so people. I think that the people in these countrys need to help work on 3 key issues.




Money can provide for these things do a degree, but cannot make a plan. Good work on your presentation, next time make it more fair and balanced.


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Dude, we already know this is happendng, why do you have to remind us that millions of kids everywhere are living like this? Why do you continue to make idiotic flashes that poeple riot at? Why do you make it so depressing that everyhone who saw this would be deppressed and have to take drastic mesures to reileve that? I ask you, why?

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

in my last reveiw......

in my last reveiw you said you said its ok for me to put your flashs on my site but i need you to email me the files at so I can give you a link to the site and also get the files so I can add them to an addition to the site thanks,Hypeserver


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Oh.. My.. Freaking GOD!

Tonight on Extreme Poverty! Watch a man with only two extremities fight for a sandwich in a dark alley with the smell of death haunting him. Also. Baby fires machinegun at father. Chaos erupts as an elderly man spews vomit on a single mother. TONIGHT only on -- EXTREME Poverty!!!!!!!!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A serious montage about a serious social issue.

Graphics: Devestating photographs of some of the poorest of the poor. Some of the most dignified white text on a black background I have ever seen at Newgrounds. I disagree about video footage being neccessary here. There was something more peaceful and somber about still images. Besides, they only show the happy, fed children on TV. Finding video of the poor wretches with shrivelled bodies and flies landing on them would be difficult and expensive.

Style: Simple, somber, tragic, and dignified. However, I do question the relevance between this Flash and the site it links to. The Flash seems to be about "World hunger," specifically the world's poorest and most destitute individuals, living in third world countries. The website, however, seems to be about affecting social change within America. I was expecting the link to lead to some food back or something. At the very least, the Flash could have done a better job exploring the link between American attitudes and the actions of America's wealthy, and the consequences in third world countries. Since the website linked to doesn't seem to offer any direct way for people with disposable income who surf onto the site to help the needy people pictured in the Flash, I must call the link between the site and the Flash tenuous, at best. Thus, I don't feel this video effectively conveyed whatever its authors wanted to convey. Unless the purpose of the video was just to attract visitors to the site. In which case, congradulations, assholes. You've hijacked the potential philanthropy of america's wealthy and squandered it on the promotion of a vague political ideology. I hope you're happy.

Sound: Tragic, moving, slightly hopeful, and ethnic. I'm not sure what ethnicity, but it was in a language I don't understand, so it must be ethnic, right?

Violence: No, that's a different PSA Flash.

Interactivity: The link works, but it's not a RELEVANT link.

Humor: None.

Overall: This is clearly a well made PSA Flash, moving and thought provoking. However, I question its relevance, and the motivations of the people who created it. It doesn't sound like you want to help poor people. It sounds like you want to fund a political campaign. While the two are not necessarily unrelated, I don't feel that this Flash is an honest representation of your site, your organization, or its goals. And yes, I say that having barely looked at your site. If your Flash were an EFFECTIVE ad for your site, I would already overtly understand the connection, instead of distrusting you. For all the tragic truth contained in this Flash, all you've done by showing it to me is set off my Bullshit Detector.