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LL - Coffee's Loosing It

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I made this flash in the worst day of my life. (Watch it with the lights off)

This is not a shock flash. I dont like giving people heart attacks lol.

Vote 5! :3


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This was a pretty weird Lock flash,i didn't quite understand it with Coffee Bean Lock sitting there trembling to a baby crying but i did like the dark style animation it had also the mulitple lock faces was neat as well but other than that there really wasn't anything that made me enjoy this but still you did a swell job on the animation so that counts for something.

I thought it was pretty cool

I liked how errie and tense it was, it really creeped me out. Good stuff.

And I know I mispelled errie, im just too lazy to spellcheck.


wtf was that al about. i didnt understand. but gd use of graphix and sound they worked well together and its startin to make me regret wat i rote on the other. but dnt take that as an apoligie coz i still think its shit. but this shows u o wat u r doin

Robot-Lock responds:

Stop reviewing my movies. Please. You fucking suck.


O.K....that was like looking into the portal of another dimention..Very original art and good sounds. Even though i didn't quite understand what it was about, I probably would if it was explained to me. Very good animation though.

Robot-Lock responds:

Thanks. And there really is nothing to understand.

I am scared for life...

Its me soldierlock and im now scared to death, robot thank you and remember <3 LL

Robot-Lock responds:

Just doing my job.