NG Frontpage for Dummies

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This handy guide shows you all the key aspects a flash needs to get to the front page, it's so simple, even YOU could do it! You may find a parody of Legendary Frog's work in this, just to let you know i drew the characters for that parody, so no whistle blowin'.

I'd like to thank cannibus_clock's Cool things installment as this is what inspired me to make this =D.

And don't get all sketchy about it, it's just a bit of fun and a movie. With all that out of the way, enjoy!

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Frakiedeman and Spuzzum your the best! I finally found someone who sees Legendary Frog's stolen Simpsons Humor! I wil vote fifen on this flash every day.


This is SO DAMN TRUE! I hate Legendaryfrog so much and yet 90% of the newgrounds users think he's god. I HAVE WATCHED THE SIMPSONS SINCE I WAS TWO, FROG! Your stolen humor can't fool me! Best ending ever, by the way. I am gonna put this as my favorite movie because it spills truth from every orifice! P.S. If you vote zero on this, you must have masturbated to LegendaryFrog shit before watching this. P.P.S. You are now my 2nd favorite flash artist, only behind the man-god whom the angels themselves named Drunkmagikoopa.

Ha ha

I didn't give it my best rating ever, because it was a tad cheesy, but you made a very good point and a very intresting movie.

Thanks for NOT putting hentai pen0rs in it, thanks!

Very nice work, adding it to my favorites.

I must be a n00b because

I voted Fifen

this movie has been