Raar the baby lion

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I've uploaded the music I used in this movie at the audio portal now, so anyone who cherish it can now download it.

I'm too lazy to make them in to full songs though, for the time being (@_@)

This is a movie I've been making for more than a year, but the animation process took about two weeks.

If you like cute stuff you'll probably enjoy it.
It is narrated in japanese by my best friend Hiroko Kimura who is like 70 years old and has the greatest sense of humour. I hope you like it (^_^)


aww so cute

rAwR! good job!


Too cute >.<

Very good

Excellant Classical animation. your cartoon was very differant. I bet it will get front page. The aniamtion was pretty different, and Raar is pretty cute.

qeshi responds:

thnx m8 (n_n)V


really nice animation.
very well drawn and original.
a swedish pet, japanese style in korean anime...
the perfect combination :p

nice work 5/5


My god, this was totally awesome, im now obsessed with Rår, i've watched it like twice everyday... It's so cute and random. I noticed from ur other reviews that there are people who didn't get the point of this movie... But i think there's no point in this one, am i correct? ^^ And thats why i loved Rår so much!! Make more Rår!!! The "story-teller" was just awesome, this made my day! We want more, we want more!

qeshi responds:

thank you so! (^___^)

I agree there is not much point in his movie. Even though I'm not saying that as a final answere to the question, I like to keep it very open for new interpetations.

I think it is sort of open so you can fill in your own point if you feel like it or leave it blank and pointless too, like life itself.

Anyways you are in luck, I'm back from Japan now, even though I have to study for a huge exam that is on the January 9th I think. I'm going to start making a follow up right after that. I'll probably be posting on newground alphas for you guys to watch my work evolve.

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Jul 13, 2005
6:12 AM EDT