Throw It! (KB Game)

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Nothing in the Library, ONE frame on the timeline, 1033 lines of code. Everything is created dynamically with API. Just pick the ball up and THROW IT!

THANK YOU for the votes and reviews.

Quick note, since this is being mentioned in reviews: the lack of sound is deliberate. The aim with this version of THROW IT was to keep the filesize to less than 10 kb (which is possible since it's pure code). I will probably be releasing a version with sounds/better graphics once I've refined the code.


Way to Easy... Score:2393828

I found this extremly easy... all you do is click and hold the ball and bash ur mouse off ur table... then luck comes in and u just keep watching ur ball bounce up and down.... Its not one Game I would reccommend or even like to play again....


wow.. how fun..

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ok then....

That had to be one of the most worst flashs that i have ever seen. there was no point in it it was not funny and it was crap... and a waist on time.



This game was pointless and kinda annoying at times...

But it was a good time waster!

All 1s 'cuz yer #1! woooot.

This has to be the most boring game on newgrounds.

Oh my god.This game is really a time waster. whats the point? Theres Nothing to do, just throw a ball and get a score.Wait, the board is shut down! So Its unfair to many other players. Whats the sense of getting the highest score. You don't win anything! Personally, It didn't suck, it was just, BORING!
0/10 (Wow, Bad score. Wonder why its score is 3.98)


FLiXD responds:

MeanClock wrote: Wait, the board is shut down!

Actually, at the time you wrote this, the scoreboard was up again. Did you even actually play it?

MeanClock wrote: You don't win anything!

What did you expect, a free holiday with £200 spending money????

MeanClock wrote: Wonder why its score is 3.98

6,028 votes. Maybe because people like it?

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4.02 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2005
7:45 PM EDT
Skill - Toss