DBZ parody

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This is my first flash movie. This is my opion of every episode of DBZ.



True, so very true.

That funny as hell, I love the little hate captions up in the corner of the screen and I love the art. My only gripe was the seriously fucked up sounds, Goku sounds like piccilo, the announcer was cut off, and the music was poorly done.

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i agree even though i like anime. it gets annoying

I like animes but i can agree that some of them, if not most, have unnecessary filler. It gets annoying when 5 minutes spans 30 episodes in a series. Good job man, great movie.

I allways wanted to say that but people acualy

liked it so thanks why dont they fight and make noised fucking noses bye

Not ALL anime is DBZ, y'know.

I laughed, I'll admit it. I can't stand DBZ, but believe me when I say not ALL anime is that pointless. DBZ even used to be okay before the censors got their grubby little hands on it. Try watching one that isn't on American TV and you might actually like it--Evangelion, or Outlaw Star (the REAL version), or Record of Lodoss War.

I dunno....

hell, I'll be the first one to admit that DBZ does tend to exagerate fights.... alot. too much. to the point of stupidity. but it's not DBZ's fault it's the pussified american version! if u want to see some normal anime go look for the extremely rare un-edited version of gundam wing Endless Waltz

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2.74 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2001
7:21 PM EDT