DBZ parody

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This is my first flash movie. This is my opion of every episode of DBZ.



you know absolutley nothing about anime

this is your *opinion* about every anime!!
no this is you opinion about dragon ball z some other animes might have big hair but you exxagerate it i rent some anime from blockbuster and i dont know how to get a hold of it but i have seen some anime thats better than dbz yes i like the show but ive seen better i sew some episodes of guyver that kicks ass ive seen fist of the north star that is also good .i think that this guy is just ignorant of animes

I liked it

Okay so it wasnt that good, but it wasnt that bad either.
And I think that all he is doing is showing people what he thinks of the show.

I have seen Ninja Scroll before and thats some kick ass anime, I also really like Guyver anime now thats fuckin awsome, all action and gore.

Dude, you're pretty fuckin lost

If you were even a little bit of an anime fan which you're not, you'd start buying or renting anime that is NOT on the stupid cartoon network. shit. Cardcaptors has 4 deleted episodes cuz they are inappropriate for kids. in otherwords they edit and cut anime to hell. I'd suggest taking a look at titles like blue seed or ninja scroll. maybe fist of the north star, dumbass. one last thing. the words anime and cartoons should never be used in the same sentance. americans have cartoons. don't rate anime as such. and if this flash movie of yours is how you view ALL anime like you said then you're pretty close minded. Yes I'm American, yes anime is better and yes I will watch disney cartoons cuz at least they are drawn halfway decent. NO I do not watch DBZ. To me the art is not that good. probably pissed alot of people off. but if you take a look around you'll see the art is alot worse than most anime titles. explore the stores. stay off cartoon network. me? 150 + tapes and counting. ciao

It looked good

And was funny too. To be fair to anime fans, not all of it is as bad as Dragon Ball Z, but a majority is, and you played well off it. I hope to see more.


Why can't you dumb Americans see that the CARTOON NETWORK has completely screwed you? YOU ALL THINK AMIME IS THE WAY THEY SHOW IT ON AN AMERICAN CHANNEL? how fuckin' stupid....

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Jul 18, 2001
7:21 PM EDT