DBZ parody

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This is my first flash movie. This is my opion of every episode of DBZ.




funny but please make the voices a little clearer next time


i love dbz...but you pretty much nailed the whole show, lol...i guess i just like anything w/ violence in it but that was still pretty funny


Finally someone else who realizes how stupid DBZ is, the only anime I like is Hentai. The big hair was Freak'n hilarious.

Damn Newbies...

OK. This is a bit much. Your mindlessly bashing an anime that is becoming the Pokemon of the new millenium. Gimme a break!! Your dissing a "cartoon"(and I'm saying that because that's what it's become in the US) that is dissed even by veterans like me and my friends. Your making fun of the FUNImation dub and NOT the Pioneer dub. You are a newbie, you deserve to be treated like one and I'm suprised that you were able to make fun of something that was made fun of in the first place by FUNImation. Go get some fansubs.

1. www.anipike.com
2. Subs/Dubs

Check it out. Oh wait, you don't deserve to see the episodes after the ones on TV. GOD I HATE NEWBIES LIKE YOU!!

flying-penguin responds:

turn down the hate... man its just i fucking movie, no need to go postal, ok i see u dont feel the same way about animes, i'm cool wtih that, enough said.

Funny, but uninformed.

All those things are exactly what bothers me about Dragonball Z, sl I liked it. However, not all anime is that stupid. There's a lot of good stuff out there, like Escaflowne, Tenchi Muyo, etc. Watch some other anime before you pass judgement on the whole style of animation, please. Also, I'll bet you've only seen the censored, english version of Dragonball Z. It's 10 times better in Japanese, with all the swearing and gore and everything still in it. But you do have a point with the huge hair and laughing and suspense. Keep up the good work, but do some more research!! :)

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Jul 18, 2001
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