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"My favorite camgirls" has to be the dumbest thing I've ever seen here - and it made the top 20. What is wrong with you people!?



This looks really promiseing. You better not disappoint me or else I'm gonna track you down and hang you from a tree by your balls with fishing line! >:D


This looks like it'll be good. Very good....but you obviously need work on the title. Untitled Generic Action Movie? It's not generic...it's RPG inspired...and you know it too. Can't wait for it to come out now....

you must remember

99.9999% of the people here are drooling, moronic teenagers.

so in other words:

tits and ass > art

thank you for your time

A great preview

Ah, you HAD to use my favorite Chrono Cross tune in the video, didn't you? Now, I'm obligated to love whatever else you put out. It's a shame that you're giving up on this idea, because it does look somewhat original and creative for an Untitled Generic Action Movie. You have some remarkable graphics, so anything you make is sure to be visually pleasing.

But now, it said the date was 8/01/82, or something like that... now, is this 2082 in the future? Or is it 1982 in an alternate past? Because, you know, the Chrono Cross music gives the impression of an alternate reality and everything... uh, I think.. Well, anyway, your movies are all great! People supposedly voted badly for this just because it was a teaser (and there are no naked Britney Spears's! Sacrilige!!). Most people don't take too kindly to just previews because the actual movie usually never gets done. If you're still persistent on dropping this idea, I hope your next one gives you more inspiration! Keep it up!!

Oh, yeah, your website's awesome, too.

arrogancy responds:


I dunno what I'm going to do with this one. I've improved so much since I did this flash, and it's kind of embarassing to go backwards.


The B&W style of this flic is great! ...as in your other movies, the artwork is also great. Well.. apart from one place. The part where the alien rises and his eyes open up ...those eyes..ehm.. look ridiculous! :o\
Anyways, I sincerely hope that you'll complete the full movie... coz this teaser's very promising

arrogancy responds:

I would, but what's the point? People keep giving me zeros and it looks like I wont even make the top 20. Looks like people would rather play dress up games.

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3.42 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2001
4:52 PM EDT
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