World of Starcraft Ep1 RM

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(Sorry about the size of the goliath, it'll be cleaned up in the next episode.)

I've re-made this animation in to something VERY different. The first one doesn't deserve to be on Newgrounds, and this one will surely take it's place. It's has different characters, better music, and overall is much better than the first one.

Also, don't right click or you're boring mouse will overlap my cool Starcraft mouse. Don't right-click and pause it either if you have the subtitles on because the subtitles are on their own timeline.

Anything not by me is mentioned in the credits.


Great idea....

just a little slow at times but great flash.

Just another mediocre flash...

Really pointless... (-_-)

great work!

aha...thats amazing...i loved it...man youve got to make more...you get bonus points from me for using get low on it. lol anyway, again, great work

WTF was that it was soo bad.

So many problems with this. You fucked up StarCraft soo bad, nothing was proportion to size and you do realise that the Hydralisks woulda beat the crap outa those two shity humans. The fighting sucked. it was nothign but motion tweens and symbols moving. You do realise that Golaiths are not smaller than Marines since humans actual pilot them. The sounds for the Hydralisks were mostly Zergling sounds. The Protoss (assuming a Zealot ) did not look right and the Observer was way too small....You just completely fucked up StarCraft. COMPLETELY....

Cleod-9 responds:

theres only SO many sounds a hydralisk makes, it would sound repetitive

wasnt that bad

Could have inproved the grapics and made it flow a bit faster, i felt like i was waiting for somthing to happen...

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3.52 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2005
6:40 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody