The NightClub

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- Let's give a "pop" to your brain man!

- What do you mean by "pop"?

- You will see, you will see ...


Very suprising piece

I thought I had this movie figured see I predicted that the guy had spiked the drink he bought the girl but when I saw her skin melt off I was very impressed that you had a unpredictable storyline with medium graphics and good sound, Well Done


Talk about a twist...did not see that comin. Like a mix of Species and Signs. This looked really great and sounded awesome. There gonna be anymore of the nightclub stalking alien?

This is interesting.

This flash is really interesting, the fact that you cannot predict that the chicks is Kurts is bringning an new kind of style that I have not seen in another flash at this time. Great job for the texture, the sound is pretty good. Keep the good work up !

This is pretty good for a thing i know u did quick

Popbrain, my friend u did a good job for a movie u did in 15 mins!!!! U have a great potential and good luck for the next thing u will do!! ( And I know that U know me )


This reminds me of that vampire movie with George Cloney.... I can't remember the name, but it reminds me of that...
Anywho! I think you should make an extended story of this. Like, explain what that thing is or something. This would actually make for one great opening scene. Clever. Keep up the awesome work.

PopBrain responds:

I'm a fan of vampire movies but i was not trying to remake one of them. We are working on a game with this yellow creature (KURTZ), you will know more about him in the game ;). Thanks for the review

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3.75 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2005
1:03 AM EDT
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