ETE: Techno Tetris.

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UPDATE: The scoreboard will not connect from newgrounds to my website. To play the version with the working scoreboard go to my website and visit the Gallery.

Yes, I know, there are many Tetris games on newgrounds. This has Techno Remixed music of the original Tetris theme. This game features Chrissy's updated look, which is very different from the old Dressup of 2003. Chrissy watches and winks at you while you play the game. I was trying to figure out how to have her react as you make mistakes or break tetris lines, but that kept eluding me ... ergh. Anyway, enjoy!

UPDATE: The score board seems to not want to connect from Newgrounds to my website. I'm not sure why. Hmm. I'll figure it out ASAP.

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Only reason 9 is cause no one can beat original

This game is awesome i especially like how chrissy watches you because despite the "Tetris god" everyone says i am no girl will ever watch my epicness in real life :'( but no one has been able to perfectly replicate the original tetris's cruelty (and if the wink was supposed to be flirting no chance in hell a girl would flirt with me over tetris =3=)


but that flash shit will piss you off after a while. did blak help you with this too?

EmeraldTokyo responds:

Blaklyon did not help me with any of my games. Where'd you get the "too" part? He only got thanked in some of my work because he introduced me to the program. He didn't teach me how to use it. And, I can program my games while he can't. not to put him down or anything, he's a good animator. I'm not as good at that part. He makes better cartoons while I make better games.

The flashing is a matter of taste and it's used to throw you off while placing pieces. Something you'll have to overcome if you want to master playing this one. Without that my game would be just another tetris game. I don't want THAT.


nicely done, but...

i really like it, but there is still place for some improvements. now this is good-meant advice, i'm not trying to mock u or anything. well, here goes:

1. get rid of the flashing part. is really annoys when ur playing. (i can't speak for myself, but this may give elepsies the willies(don't know how to spell it, hope u know what i mean))
2. only use one colour for every kind of block. these multiple colours make the whole thing unnecessarily complicated.
3. maybe u wanna change the thingy with the line at the bottom, showing u where the piece will be if u hard drop it. (it's helpful at the beginning, but u lose it more out of view the higher u get). my suggestion: some kinda phantom-block, showing how the block would sit when it hits the bottom in it's current condition in mid-air. (if that's not too hard to do, considering it's a flash)

now what is good the way it is:
1. the sensitivity was just right. nothing more to say there.
2. the music was nicely remixed. very nice indeed.
3. the anime babe is a REALLY nice add-on. her look when sees looks at you from the side is so damn HOT.

i'm assuming, cuz ur a girl (damn, i hope i'm not wrong), the anime babe's supposed to be some kind of self-portrait? if so, i can only say one thing:
i'd hit that! (in a positive way of course) ^^

now here i am, coming to an end with this review, i realized something:
this is the longest review i have ever written here on newgrounds. wow, ur really something!

EmeraldTokyo responds:

1: The flashing is meant to make it harder to place pieces when you play. Otherwise this would be just another tetris game and well, why bother making a copy of a copy of a copy?
2: Unnecessarily complicated? I don't have a problem playing it, I don't pay attention to the next color of each block, but the shape ... Hmm. If it makes it harder for you well then just consider it a better challenge.
3: The ghost block is a good idea ... but ... I don't like the idea of making things too easy. I'm debating if I should drop all my current, and urgent, projects to fix that. Hmmm. No.

I made this one awhile ago. I have too much on my plate right now to go in and change anything ... assuming I can even find my FLA file now after getting new computers, updating programs, redoing computers after major meltdowns, that sort of thing. I doubt I have any of the old FLA files of any of my old flash games. The computer I made this one on died right after I started going to ITT Tech, I don't think it was one of the files backed up on my other computers. Only the current projects are still intact. So, unfortunately this one is now stuck as it is.

Yes the girl is based on me. I'm on facebook and myspace with the same user name if you want to see some pictures.

Thanks for the in depth review.


you screwed it up...

when you make the peice go down faster,you instantly have it there!why am i even bothering,ill go play another one instead of this,just cuz you have an anime girlo in it doesn't mean its an instant 10-star-up

EmeraldTokyo responds:

That's called a "Hard Drop" and it's used in Tetris Worlds. If you don't like that feature then you don't have to play. You try making this kind of flash game. Do you really think your tiny little brain can comprehend how to make a flash game?

Don't give me a 2 just because it's not your cup of tea.



great tetris game, i have been looking for a game of tetris with this song on it forever and since yours has it its the best tetris game so far.

EmeraldTokyo responds:

Well I'm glad you think so. I am pretty happy with this version of the game. ^_^

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3.70 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2005
5:11 PM EDT
Puzzles - Falling