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Today i feel is one of the better daily 2oon submissions. featuring new works from Fourstar about the london incident, a music video by Mp3 Lock, a first time 2oon submitter, Mr/DrChocobo, also a first time 2oon submitter. both are off to an awesome start. and another short by Aubergine. Awesome stuff :)

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Fourstar: You Emo fool get a life so you can keep on livin fag.
MP3 Lock: Good Job with the animation.
Mr Chocabo: Funny stuff, but work on your animation.
Abergine: Funny Mexican stuff, make it longer tho.


Hmmmm mediocre as usual. But thanks for the Protect Point. Again! I hope to see more flashes from you guys. Good Job! :)

Wasted time

The only saving grace with this is MrChocobo. The london bombing one was whiney as hell, MP3 Lock was nothing more than some static graphics floating around to some crappy music, and the last one with 3 Mexicans was just about 4 seconds of nothing.. MrChocobo is the only reason I didn't BLAM this piece of crap, cuz I couldn't do that to Snoop Dog.

Thank you, Mr. Chocobo!

Anyway, I have an idea for any of you Clock or Lock guys, but I'm too impatient to work it out on Flash. How would I contact any of you to send this idea I have? It's for a "short" series a la Spy vs. Spy along the lines of "Clock vs. Lock." I have the first episode "written." Whaddya think?

:D < MrChocobo's was the best today.

Snoop Dogg, and upbeat violin music seem to have mixed pretty well together. FourStar's also rocked. Good job today.

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Jul 10, 2005
5:04 PM EDT