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Juiceball is a satirical commentary on the All American pastimes; baseball and fast foods. A whimsical look at the serious issue of performance enhancement drugs in sports.

We were a little surprised that any offense was taken by what we considered some pretty tame spoofing. Tastes and sensitivities vary, of course, and maybe we could have guessed, but we really see this weighing in as rather gentle irony, not caustic ridicule. We hope that people will appreciate it in the spirit that it is offered.

Humor has always been a good way to bring up a touchy topic, but hitting the funny bone sometimes entails some discomfort.

In this case we are struck by the observation that we Americans are in turmoil over what we put into our bodies, and what we know we shouldn’t put into our bodies. We often tell each other what we should do, but then we have trouble doing so ourselves.

We seem to want the “More-Bigger” even when it could kill us. Why?



u americans really think alot of urselves. nice flash tho. :P

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i liked it

and AIAwhite shut up if this is ur passtime leave.........anyways yeah i liked it, it was funny i enjoyed it alot and it dosent apply to me cause im canadian he he, hey if that happened to all the amarican baseball teams canada would actoly be able to win the world series....yay


Yeah, i thought it was going somewhere funny too, the juice stand part was funny, and unlike most stuff on newgrounds, the voice acting was pretty good. i did like the professional political cartoon style, but the subject matter ultimately isn't that funny, or provoking, unless you are easily amused and/or provoked. In which case, for all these jerkasses who reviewed this before me and can't type english to save anyone's life or some foreign guy who simply reviews it to voice his ho hum opinion of america (zorrom_a), then it's PERFECT!!!!


the humor wasnt creative, original,
or entirely new. it felt stale really
and uninspiring. though ill admitt
that the animation was quite good,
had an asthetic to it that feels like
a sunday newspaper comic strip,
but animated.
score: **


sigh one of those american things huh? ahh well it was pretty good.

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3.80 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2005
2:15 PM EDT
Comedy - Original