Robots in Ancient Greece

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Hello! This is just the intro to my site. If you like it, cool, check out the episodes i got on the site. Also, theres a download section on the site where you can download this song, cuz many of you have been askin for it. PEACE


sooooooooo funny

the song is really catchy and the episodes on the site are hilarious

well done LOL!
why is there a walrus in ancient greece? ha


i guess this has style, and this is an INTRO so i bet the series is much more entertaining.You get a 3 from me.

I liked it.

I thought it was pretty good, though I think there's a series hiding in there somewhere. I thought the robot drinking Bot Light in front of the Robutt HQ somewhat hilarious. Keep it up.

Not very good

The music was quite annoying, and this just doesn't look like it'd be a good flash. Also, Inu-Yasha88 robots and spartans DO mix well. Look at Master Chief. I mean he kicks ass. Though it makes you wonder what happened to the other 116 of the spartans.

No way

At first i thought this flash would kick ass because of the music. But it was pretty terrible. The graphics need improvement. That music was not fit for thats flash. There was no violence all you saw was a dead spartin with X's around his eyes. And there was no humore what so ever. And robots and spartans dont mix man lol.

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Jul 10, 2005
2:22 AM EDT
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