Kilt Envy

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This is a flash about SCD, he is scottish, so we had to make fun of him for it, watch in amazment as he pics up a mic and tells yah a tale



Bit of a weird one...... and yes it is true they do go with nothing on under the kilt..... it was so in old days when they were marching from town to town they cud take a slash and shit whilst walking so they didnt have to stop...... tis true, look it up lol

I loved this movie.

I so fiffened this work o art. Much <3

Onic responds:

Why thankyou my good man. Glad you liked it.


I hereby declare Onic a knight of the empire. Awesome work Onic, cheered me up no end after a tough night. Thanks man, your some guy.

Onic responds:

Oh it's no problem dude, I am glad that you are so easily flashable :)
Don't think this ends here, I have plenty more ideas to pump out.
Thanks dude.

bad boy im scottish. what gonnamake fun of me?

dont make fun of scoland youul make alot peoplehate you.

Onic responds:

How was that making fun of scotland mr illiterate?

That dance...

That dance was totally hilarious! I didn't find the rest of the flash that entertaining, though it was well done. During each verse I just waited and waited for that dance again =)

Nice and funny, but it drags on a little too long. It's nice to see people make fun of the moderators.

Onic responds:

I'm glad the dance got to yah, I figured it'd be cheesy enough to make someone laugh :)
Thanks for the review, and have a nice day.

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Jul 9, 2005
8:07 PM EDT